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To think that car insurance should be doing more to help me

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CarGoBoom Fri 03-Mar-17 12:31:53

I've NC as I've already moaned about this to various people in RL. So it all started yesterday when I was travelling to work, my tyre blew out on the motorway and I had to pull onto hard shoulder and call my breakdown recovery, which is a service I pay for as part of my car insurance package. I had to wait for about 50 mins with hazard on so when recovery arrived battery was dead. Recovery agent notices this so before he loads the car he gets out power pack and goes to jump start car but accidentally put connectors on the wrong way round causing the battery to spark. Quickly realises his mistake and pulls them off and puts them back correctly. I was busy calling work (3rd day at new job so quite stressed) and organising someone to pick up ds from childminder so I forgot about this
Car recoverEd to garage who changed the tyre and I picked up car after work. Set off and went to switch radio ok but it want working then after I picked up ds my friend noticed as I was driving off that my headlights weren't on but I had switched them on. Fog lights also not coming on (but sidelights and full beam working ok). Worried he had blown a fuse so called recovery again and they came out and after I explained he said it could be really serious. He tried the fuses but it didn't fix it so it needs to go to a garage but he said potentially very expensive fix. Complained to insurers who said once I have had garage assessment and quote if it was caused by recovery agent I should be able to recover costs. BUT I can't take it until Sunday and if they can't fix it that day I can't get to childminder and work as they are different directions and I need to be at work by 8am. Can't take time off as new job. Car needs mot next week but obviously will fail currently due to damage caused by their negligence. I asked for a courtesy car to be supplied if garage apportions blame to them as I will be in an impossible situation that they have caused otherwise but they said it's not part of my breakdown policy so they won't provide one. Surely if they are at fault they should be helping me with this? I've had no apology for all the stress this has caused me or the 4 hours I spent with 2nd recovery agent or on the phone last night. I'm so stressed with it all and I just feel they should be doing more as they are responsible. Can I take this further? I may be being unreasonable, I'm just so upset and worried.
Apologies this was so long!

UrethaFranklin Fri 03-Mar-17 13:16:53

I'm not sure it is much to do with your insurance company tbh. Lots of packaged bank accounts come with free breakdown but your bank wouldn't be responsible if the breakdown company wrecked your car.

I think your complaint lies with the recovery company but unfortunately as you have discovered, the don't usually offer a courtesy car because by definition, they usually recover only not repair.

Ishoos Fri 03-Mar-17 13:23:56

If you pay the premium for this to the insurer, they are accountable for the survive even if they outsource it.i would register as a formal complaint with both the insurer and the other company direct, clearly stating what you want and when, e.g. Courtesy car etc. Good luck

CarGoBoom Fri 03-Mar-17 13:43:40

The insurance company have accepted that they need to sort out the situation as they are agents for the recovery teams they send out. The recovery team have now got in touch with them and admitted fault and offered to collect the car and have it fixed but at this point we don't know how long that will take and if it will leave me without a car on Monday. Currently I'm going to be without a car all weekend until it is fixed and if they have accepted fault I don't understand why I should be at a loss by not having access to a vehicle. I've told them that when the car is fixed I want it to be dealt with further and some form of compensation for my inconvenience but I doubt it will go anywhere. Mostly I just want a bloody apology and for them to acknowledge that they have really fucked me over.

Sundance01 Fri 03-Mar-17 13:57:01

I would be surprised if they did not provide a courtesy car. My car was in the garage once having a new rear skirt as someone had run into the back of it - they fitted it and as they reversed out the bay they reversed into a post and damaged it again. They admitted fault and I got a courtesy car.

I already had one from my insurance for the initial claim but I had to swap for a different one as it was now being paid for by the garages insurance. They will have insurance against this type of thing and I would be surprised if it did not include a courtesy car....I would push really hard.

CarGoBoom Fri 03-Mar-17 17:25:55

Thank you for your replies, I used my best don't fuck with me attitude and stuck to my guns as you advised and they have said they are sending someone out again this evening and if it can't be fixed they will provide a courtesy car and fix it next week. So I am very happy with that resolution. Thank you for reassuring me that I was right to do so.

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