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To ask your "same but cheaper" hacks?

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Fishface77 Thu 02-Mar-17 21:49:34

I've read that
Blue tin Nivea is a cheaper version of creme de la mer so I've bought 3 tins!

Please can Anyone recommend anything that is as good as the branded version but cheaper?

NapQueen Thu 02-Mar-17 21:50:48

Aldi's "Norpak" (lurpak)

Aldi's under eye clickable concealer (as good as that mega spendy one, touche something)

NapQueen Thu 02-Mar-17 21:51:22

H&M suits for men made by the same people in the same factory as Hugo Boss.

IvyLeagueUnderTheSea Thu 02-Mar-17 21:52:40

H&M suits for men made by the same people in the same factory as Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss also made the suits for the SS.....................

yabbadabbadonotdisturb Thu 02-Mar-17 21:58:06

Yy to both the Aldi swaps. Norpak has more butter in it that Lurpak, and the Touche de Fake-lat is great.

I love Lidl version of peanut M&Ms, and also their ground decaffeinated coffee is great

Trills Thu 02-Mar-17 21:59:20

Blue tin Nivea is a cheaper version of creme de la mer

Er. Seems unlikely, given the the listed ingredients.

LoupGarou Thu 02-Mar-17 21:59:31

Milani's Luminoso baked blusher is a dupe of Nars Orgasm, and much better imho.

KathySelden Thu 02-Mar-17 22:00:49

BMW, Krups and many other german firms that were around during world war 2 used forced labour and made things for the Nazis. Your point Ivy or was it just a typical snarky comment that is the norm for Mumsnet nowadays?

LoupGarou Thu 02-Mar-17 22:01:02

I've read a lot about blue nivea vs crème de la mer and have been meaning to try it for ages.

ChocolateButton15 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:01:11

Aldi wotsits are better than real wotsits

LoupGarou Thu 02-Mar-17 22:02:21

NYX's pot concealer is a duple of Benefit's Erase Paste

Wet N Wild lipsticks are mostly dupes of MAC colours and are very cheap on Amazon, and I think equally as good.

forfucksakenet Thu 02-Mar-17 22:02:25

Lidl Jaffa cakes waaay better than mcvities!

hungryhippo90 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:04:07

following with interest!!!

Rollonbedtime7pm Thu 02-Mar-17 22:06:55

Tesco bacon fries are vastly superior to Frazzles!

LoupGarou Thu 02-Mar-17 22:10:56

Missha's Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule is a dupe of Ester Lauder's Advanced Night Repair, and Missha has a prettier bottle I think.

I was a devotee of the EL one but Missha blows it out of the water, actually all of Missha's Time Revolution range works miracles on my skin. I am very skeptical but was genuinely stunned at the results.

StumblyMonkey Thu 02-Mar-17 22:13:01

A bit boring but Sainsbury's pet insurance is actually PetPlan insurance...same policy, same team...half the price.

noeuf Thu 02-Mar-17 22:14:57

Blue tin Nivea is amazing. My skin has never been so fantastic.

VanillaSugar Thu 02-Mar-17 22:16:25

Where can you buy Missha products loup?

BestIsWest Thu 02-Mar-17 22:16:40

Norpak is not as salty as Lurpak. They don't taste the same.

AndnoneforGretchenWeinersBye Thu 02-Mar-17 22:18:58

Martinis Rosso, with lemonade, strawberries, cucumber and mint tastes exactly like Pimms and is a fraction of the price.

Also Waitrose Bio washing tabs @ £3 for 19 washes is vastly better & better value than most other tabs.

Atenco Thu 02-Mar-17 22:19:24

Garlic is often as good as antibiotics

DJBaggySmalls Thu 02-Mar-17 22:19:57

Lidl own brand ground coffee.
They do salt and peppercorn grinders - filled mark you - for 80p each.

SciFiFan2015 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:20:44

YY YY YY to Lidl's Jaffa cakes being better than McVities they are awesome. I may eat far too many...

LoupGarou Thu 02-Mar-17 22:21:20

Vanilla I use or EBay, sometimes Amazon - I check the prices on all before ordering. There is a Korean beauty thread in S&B with a lot more websites to order from but I'm not in the UK and I'm impatient so I like quick deliveries. The good thing with RoseRose and others is that you can order sample packs very cheaply, I got a pack of 10 ampoule samples for less than a dollar.

VanillaSugar Thu 02-Mar-17 22:22:26

Thank you!

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