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to ask what was the best thread ever..

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Diel Wed 01-Mar-17 19:50:50

I'm fairly new to mn and totally love it! Wondering what have been the best threads ever so that I can look them up and possibly explode with joy! grin

lessthanBeau Wed 01-Mar-17 19:55:23

There was one about builders peeing in bushes that ended up with monkeys and bicycles and biscuits due to auto correct, I can't really remember the details but I haven't laughed like that for a long time and don't think I have since.

Diel Wed 01-Mar-17 19:56:53

Hahahaha. Must find!!

Mrsknackered Wed 01-Mar-17 19:58:11

Centre parcs and anal sex is one of my favourites.

TeaStory Wed 01-Mar-17 19:58:24

"He has eaten a fat ball".

TricuspidValve Wed 01-Mar-17 19:59:25

Paul the Pigeon. In the days when humour wasn't about sex or beakers.

Diel Wed 01-Mar-17 20:00:27

wine getting comfy.....

andontothenext Wed 01-Mar-17 20:00:31

Penis Beaker was a good un

insomniaat4am Wed 01-Mar-17 20:00:50

Fat ball, Korean lady in my garden...

ScarlettFreestone Wed 01-Mar-17 20:01:27

Elderly Korean Lady was a lovely thread.

You also need to look up the Mexican house thief just for sheer shock value.

CatThiefKeith Wed 01-Mar-17 20:01:55

One of my favourites was about a toy being smashed to pieces on a play date, and the op wanted the other parent to reimburse her for it.

After several posts she admitted the toy was a Lego set. grin

Blastandtroph Wed 01-Mar-17 20:02:04

The elderly Korean woman - it's in classics

ShuttyTown Wed 01-Mar-17 20:03:34

The thread about the woman whose DP shared custody of a teddy bear with his ex! Was hilarious grin

TheWitTank Wed 01-Mar-17 20:03:58

My favourites were the Lemon Drizzle cake thread and the one when the cheating bloke of the OP got his comeuppance by being stood up at Birdland/at the Penguin enclosure. Genuinely laughed for ages.

icelollycraving Wed 01-Mar-17 20:04:01

Elderly Korean lady.
NAR parking thread.
There used to lots of great threads. Everyone is now so cautious about ending up in the daily fail that I think a lot of the good threads don't take off in the same way.

DJBaggySmalls Wed 01-Mar-17 20:04:47

Andy the overly controlling next door neighbour, Adding Ing to a Film Title, and the Philosophers thread. Basically, someone tried to be bitchy and put someone down at a dinner party and it turned into a huge discussion on philosophy.

Soubriquet Wed 01-Mar-17 20:05:18

Paul the pigeon

The woman who thought there was a dead cat on her wall.

The barmy behaviour at playgroups including turtle boy and panpipes lady

dontbesillyhenry Wed 01-Mar-17 20:06:20

The woman shouting willy willy willy at the builders

sonyaya Wed 01-Mar-17 20:06:57

Gluezilla - Tidydancer's updates had me hooked!

ollieplimsoles Wed 01-Mar-17 20:07:12

I laughed seriously head at the 'funniest bits of childbirth' thread in classics. The cancel the wedding cheque thread had me laughing and I liked the creepiest thing that ever happened to you thread.

My favourite thread of all time- sinister Easter bonnet. Its perfect in every way.

pnutter Wed 01-Mar-17 20:09:17

My all time favourite was the pregnant lady who was swimming with her dp and had a tankini on ...and she I think forgot where she was a took down the bottoms ?? Anyway it was funny, and she was a sweetheart the way she told it

ThoraGruntwhistle Wed 01-Mar-17 20:09:19

Sexual technics
Fifty shades of Mumsnet
Penguin blind date
Mexican house thief

SinglePringle Wed 01-Mar-17 20:11:07

Fat Ball definitely.

And 'Your MINGE!' - a very old thread that first drew me in (all about a woman who unknowingly walked out to the side of the local swimming pool sans bikini bottoms).

GlumsTheWord Wed 01-Mar-17 20:11:22

Fat balls made me weep.

peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 01-Mar-17 20:15:27

Turtle boy, fat ball, EKL, you're the carcass

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