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Opinions please, easter break.

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jmh740 Wed 01-Mar-17 18:50:35

I'd quite like to take the kids away for a day or two at easter I was thinking of a night at Blackpool.
Blackpool is less than an hours drive from home, which option would you choose?
Stay in travelodge good Friday oh me and 2 kids £100 night
Me and kids stay in travelodge during the week without dh £50 for the night
We just go for the day and drive home.
(Kids have only ever stayed in a hotel once when we stayed over in hull after a family party so it would be a big treat for them)

isseywithcats Wed 01-Mar-17 18:54:46

i would go for the friday option with your Dh as when the kids are in bed you will be on your own in a lets face pretty plain room so would feel like you have spent £50 and might as well have gone home, wheras with Dh there you can get a nice bottle of wine in your room for when the kids are asleep and it will feel like a family mini break

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