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Self Sabotage: Why do I do it..?

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ComeOnSpring Wed 01-Mar-17 18:03:15

I am not happy with my weight. I am on Slimming World. I have poached eggs and spinach for breakfast and a healthy lunch and dinner...

Yesterday I bought a pack of 4 crunchie bars and ate them all (whilst working at home and kids were at school). Today I ate a whole packet of Thorntons, mini brownie squares.

Why did I do it??? Is that normal? If my weight goes down, I eat more and wait for the scales to go up. I weight myself every day. Does anyone else self sabotage their weight loss...

FYI: I need to loose 5lbs to be in the 'normal' BMI. I've never been more than 1 stone overweight, but i just can't get down to normal BMI...

TheBeastInMsRooneysRoom Wed 01-Mar-17 18:05:40

I don't think it's 'normal' but it's not unusual. I used to do exactly the same thing. Incredibly restrictive and then insane binges. The only thing that worked for me has been cutting processed food and sugar out. Not just cutting them down. If I have a little bit I go nuts. I can't have any. It's worked for the last 5.5 years, whereas I was previously 'on a diet' (with crazy binges a couple of times a week) for about 20 years (since I was around 10).

Honeyandfizz Wed 01-Mar-17 18:06:22

Sounds just like me. Every morning this will be the day I eat well. I get to munch usually then give up. It's exhausting and I hate myself for it. You have my sympathy op but I don't have any answers!

blankpieceofpaper Wed 01-Mar-17 18:08:27

Hello, I am exactly like you - self-sabotage is exactly that. I have a stone to lose before I am in a healthy BMI and this last week I have binged.

Do you have a wall where you cross off pounds? A motivation wall?

Are there particular things that trigger it? With me it could be anything - boredom, cold, the weather...

Accepting it is an addiction was one thing - just how many things have sugar.

Someone once told me when you are walking somewhere and trip - it doesn't mean you turn right back around and give up - you just get there eventually! It is bloody hard! But seeing the difference in my clothes help.

We could help motivate each other if you like!

terrylene Wed 01-Mar-17 18:09:03

I wouldn't weigh myself every day. It changes too much and keeps it too much in your mind.

Maybe sort out what you are going to eat over the next few days, prepare it, so you just have to put it together when it is time, then put it behind you and forget about it and find a new distraction to keep your mind occupied in the meantime.

Then weigh yourself at the end of the week.

ComeOnSpring Wed 01-Mar-17 18:10:27

What no sugar thing did you use thebeast how did you get onto it? I've tried them but failed. Did you have failures before success and what finally spurred you to go sugar free? Any answer whatsoever will help.

Thanks honeyandfizz.. I really piss myself off sometimes ;)

I think my problem is I'm a unhappy but maybe not unhappy enough to be really really motivated. But I don't understand the bingey bits..

Notagainmun Wed 01-Mar-17 18:12:11

Find a mantra that you can take on board. Mine is "this craving will pass" and I repeat it over and over. Also when you are tempted remind yourself that you are making a choice, one way or another and it is not an uncontrollable act. It works for me almost always.

terrylene Wed 01-Mar-17 18:29:43

The other thing is not to buy the crunchies! No way would I be able to leave them if I bought them and not even dieting!!! grin

ComeOnSpring Wed 01-Mar-17 18:34:07

I like that blank

grin terrylene.. why did i buy the frigging crunchies

TheBeastInMsRooneysRoom Wed 01-Mar-17 19:52:38

I followed the GAPS diet for 2.5 years along with my children, ultimately to heal eczema and asthma for eldest and sensory issues with middle one. We have now reintroduced sweet potato, limited white potato and rice as well certain grains but it's been an incredible journey for all of us. I dropped 5 stone in the first 6 months. Subsequently I've had skin removal done, but because my weight's been stable for so long the NHS did take care of it. My children are healthy and happy. It's not an easy option to start with, and with a history of disordered eating I was concerned about what I was starting. I can now see my eating issues were down to unhealthy gut bacteria. It was making me anxious and impulsive and I was pretty much stuck there. I was very lucky to have a nutritionist in the family who over saw us and helped me throughout. It was a radical change to start with, but I can't imagine returning to where we were. Sorry, that was long!

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