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Acceptable time off work?

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isthishouseamidden Wed 01-Mar-17 13:21:24

Having a panic about DHs job. He works as a constructor so he doesn't have the usual protections. He's been in his current placement since before Christmas and it's supposed to run for another few months. Up to this last week he's been reliable. But over the last 10 days he's been off 3 separate days sick (kept struggling in and having to take more time) for a virus. Then this morning we had an accident at home and he had to leave work (It turned out to be precaution - paramedics decided DS didn't need to be taken to hospital) And DH returned to work.

I am panicking that this is going to look really bad. I'm still a bit wobbly from this mornings accident so I might be over anxious- (I do have anxiety although I've been pretty good recently). If you have contractors at work how would you feel about this? Is he likely to loose this contract?

empirerecordsrocked Wed 01-Mar-17 13:23:31

Hope your DS is ok now.

Is he a contractor or is he a construction work on site?

Either way neither would be a problem at my place of work.

isthishouseamidden Wed 01-Mar-17 13:25:38

Sorry - autocorrect. He's a contractor (IT)

isthishouseamidden Wed 01-Mar-17 13:27:03

Thank you yes. DS has been lucky. DD accidentally knocked him into the stair gate and the catch gave way. But apparently babies bounce!

Doyouwantabrew Wed 01-Mar-17 13:31:23

Hi op my dh is a contractor too anc its high and lows isn't it.

I expect when he didn't work he didn't get paid same as my dh. I would think he would be ok as it's a genuine absence and he's generally reliable.

Glad your ds is ok it always comes st once doesn't it. flowers

TiredMumToTwo Wed 01-Mar-17 13:32:34

I am a contractor and also manage contractors, the emergency wouldn't bother me as shit happens to everyone. If one of my team had 3 days off over 10 days for the same illness I wouldn't get rid of him but wouldn't expect him to be off ill for the rest of his contract. Don't worry, contractors who have been in a role for a while become more valuable as they've built up knowledge. I doubt they'd want to get rid of him and replace him with someone who'd have to be brought up to speed without very good reason.

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