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The cafe guy called me FAT

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PonyPals Wed 01-Mar-17 07:05:52

I was having a lovely day to my self shopping and decided to grab a coffee. I ordered a skinny latte and the guy said 'you know there is so much sugar in skinny milk, you shouldn't drink it and that is why you are Fat. I was so shocked 😳 and embarrassed and mumbled something like... I like being Fat and walked off.
I wish I had the guts to say something! What would you do?

IamFriedSpam Wed 01-Mar-17 07:07:06

That's ridiculous I would complain about him. Completely unacceptable thing to say.

SaorAlbaGuBrath Wed 01-Mar-17 07:08:06

Who the fuck do you think you are? would be an appropriate response. Cheeky cunt. I'm fat and I know it but if a random stranger said something like that I'd lose my shit, how offensive! Are you ok?

Trifleorbust Wed 01-Mar-17 07:08:26

I would have sharply told him, "When I want your opinion, I will ask for it. All I want is a coffee, thanks." Then I would go back and put in a complaint to his boss. How absolutely disgraceful that he thought he had a right to comment on what you eat and drink!

mnpeasantry Wed 01-Mar-17 07:08:30

Wow. What a dick. And he said 'that's why you are fat' rather than 'that's what makes you fat' (you meaning everyone)?

Either way not acceptable. If the first I would make an official complaint.

Screwinthetuna Wed 01-Mar-17 07:09:11

He should lose his job for that

Schwifty Wed 01-Mar-17 07:09:21

Total wankstain. Definitely complain also he'd be wearing it, and I'd tell him his bum looked big in it

noenergy Wed 01-Mar-17 07:10:10

Definitely complain, that is NOT on. How horrible n rude. That's making my blood boil.

NormaSmuff Wed 01-Mar-17 07:12:27

i would have said, really? thanks for that and then walked out, without the coffee, and without paying. angry

felinewonderful Wed 01-Mar-17 07:13:27

Complain, it's completely unacceptable

HCantThinkOfAUsername Wed 01-Mar-17 07:13:29

Complain, what a horrid thing to say!

PonyPals Wed 01-Mar-17 07:14:05

I'm ok I think. Just can't stop thinking about it. It just felt so confronting.
It's a small family owned cafe. I don't think complaining would help and I also feel like because it is my local cafe I will never go there again if I complain. And it's where my mothers group meet once a week. I don't want to tell them why I choose not to go there all of a sudden.
DH thinks it's a cultural thing hmm

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Wed 01-Mar-17 07:16:53

All together now...

"I can change my weight if I choose to - you however will never get the personality transplant you so desperately need."

ImageQueen Wed 01-Mar-17 07:18:39

I agree it is offensive and he has absolutely no right to make judgements on what you eat or drink or how you love your life.

It does interest me though that everybody will agree how wrong this is but had you been a smoker getting on with smoking a cigarette in a place of no interference to others.. it's amazing how the tables turn and it's ok for people to pass comment or judgement...
Just saying!

ImageQueen Wed 01-Mar-17 07:19:02

Live* your life

Hamsolo Wed 01-Mar-17 07:20:38

I don't really see the comparison ImageQueen, unless you're worried about passive eating?

JonesyAndTheSalad Wed 01-Mar-17 07:25:01

Tell your Mothers group! HIt them in their wallet! Then tell them why you won't all be meeting there any longer.

Also how is there loads of sugar in "skinny milk"??

FrenchLavender Wed 01-Mar-17 07:25:07

He was unbelievably rude, what a twat. Unless it was his shop I'd make a complaint to the management.

He's right about the milk though.

greenjojocat Wed 01-Mar-17 07:26:19

Because smoking DOES affect everyone else's health whereas if you've chosen to have a sugary drink it DOESN'T??

Hope you're ok OP, don't give him anymore brain space and get back in there to order another drink today, give him the hard stare challenging him to say it again! Xx

hyacinthwannabe Wed 01-Mar-17 07:27:04

A cultural thing??? What culture thinks it's acceptable to insult a customer???

frumpet Wed 01-Mar-17 07:27:31

Does skimmed milk have more sugar in than full fat milk ?

I cannot understand why a cafe would want to put people off drinking their coffee , unless they have a huge tea surplus they are hoping to shift ?

TheClaws Wed 01-Mar-17 07:29:17

All milk has sugar. Natural sugars. Doesn't matter the kind. 1. he was very wrong to say that, and 2. he was wrong. Two wrongs make for a super-idiot coffee maker (I won't even give him the name 'barista'.)

someonestolemynick Wed 01-Mar-17 07:29:39

Where's the Daily Mail when you need them.grin

Sorry, this is horrible. I'm a pretty confident fatty but not sure how ready I'd be to come up with a scathing remark.
If you want to return to this cafe, I would try to give this guy helpful advice every time he serves you:

"Oh dear, have you tried tea tree oil on your acne."
"Have you considered a stronger deodorant: I always find X really helps with body odour."
"I was so worried about you after your rudeness last time I was here. I think you may have Tourette. Here's a number for a helpline."
All in your best sweet voice with a wide smile.
Petty? moo?

Wadingthrutreacle Wed 01-Mar-17 07:33:40

Your DH might be a little bit right. I know of some cultures where it is acceptable to be very very direct and just say what you think. No offence is meant and no filter is applied. I know people like this and I won't name the places they come from! They just don't see the issue of being tactful, thinking about how someone else would feel, etc. Genuinely doesn't cross their mind and hasn't been instilled in them as a value from childhood. I'm generalising but they openly admit it's just that way. To my amusement.

I would have died if this happened to me, and would only have thought of a witty putdown after the event, and then kicked myself for being so meek at the time. It's understandable though since its such a shock to receive a comment like that. Poor you, OP. Hope you manage to lick your wounds and hold your head up high. flowers and of course brew

contortionist Wed 01-Mar-17 07:33:54

Frumpet- skimmed milk has slightly more sugar because the fat has been removed, so the rest is more concentrated. It tastes a lot sweeter (because the creaminess is gone), but is actually only very slightly more sugary.

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