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To be disappointed that feminist Emma Watson has posed topless

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MutePoint Tue 28-Feb-17 19:47:29

To promote her new film. Can't these A listers just wear a classy outfit?

SuperBeagle Tue 28-Feb-17 19:50:10

Can't she make her own choices without you ragging on her?

I thought that was what feminism was about.

No one put a gun to her head and told her to pose "topless".

mikado1 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:51:17

Very surprised.. don't know context of outfit/film though.

ImperialBlether Tue 28-Feb-17 19:51:26

I agree with you, OP and yes, I know what you mean, SuperBeagle, but ffs why did she do that?

Buglife Tue 28-Feb-17 19:51:48

She's not topless, you can see at the waistband and at the neck it's a very sheer top and anyway with the weird bolero thing over it there's no nips on show which means it doesn't seem topless to me. Revealing yes, but nowt to get worried about!

glenthebattleostrich Tue 28-Feb-17 19:52:29

Please tell me this isn't to promote beauty and the beast, aka a kids film.

pinkjumper Tue 28-Feb-17 19:52:34


I assume she made her own decision to do that shoot.

And she isn't properly topless, she isn't showing much more more flesh than in some gowns you see on the red carpet.

RortyCrankle Tue 28-Feb-17 19:52:35

I've seen dresses that show that much of the boobs - no nipples on show - I can't get worked up about it. Presumably it relates to the film.

fuzzywuzzy Tue 28-Feb-17 19:52:41

I thought the same OP. I guess there's a lot of pressure tho to do this to further their careers.

Buglife Tue 28-Feb-17 19:53:01

It's more of a fashiony look rather than glamour model style anyway.

lazytuesday Tue 28-Feb-17 19:53:19

thats not pornography is it? Shes wearing just as much as any legit model would be wearing. Theres nothing wrong with the human body. I get that some women are against all pornography (i personally am not) but this is a far cry from that.... even the softcore page 3 type. Clearly this is meant to be artistic. Now i dont think its a great photo myself but it certainly not pornographic is it?!

MooPointCowsOpinion Tue 28-Feb-17 19:53:23

She always seems very measured and careful to me. I expect she has considered this carefully and I respect her judgement, so while I am surprised that she's posed topless, I'm not judging her for it.

lazytuesday Tue 28-Feb-17 19:55:07

I mean i have a swimsuit that shows just about the same amount of flesh! far from 'topless'

PhoenixJasmine Tue 28-Feb-17 19:55:12

Well it doesn't make me want to see whatever the film is.

NotStoppedAllDay Tue 28-Feb-17 19:56:01

Can't get worked up about it either...

Her body, her choice


Fighterofthenightman Tue 28-Feb-17 19:56:24

She's not topless.

MutePoint Tue 28-Feb-17 19:57:17

She's promoting Beauty & the Beast. The photo was as part of a shoot for Vanity Fair.

RubyRedRuby Tue 28-Feb-17 19:58:40

Whilst feminism gives her the right to do what she likes with her body I've always thought of her as a great role model for my dd. I wouldn't want my dd to expose her breasts like that to the world so I am also disappointed (despite acknowledging she has not done anything 'wrong' as such). Fwiw I think the make up, hair and clothes are harsh and unflattering - and would be on anyone.

PizzaPlease Tue 28-Feb-17 20:01:21

This is way more Edward Cullen than Belle grin

LegoCaltrops Tue 28-Feb-17 20:02:11

That's clearly a sheer top. I love her hair, in an impossible-to-actually-achieve-on-a-daily-basis kind of way.

OpalFruitsMarathonsandSpira Tue 28-Feb-17 20:03:10


Why have you shared that photo when the title claims she posed topless?

BillSykesDog Tue 28-Feb-17 20:05:03

Meh. Typical Hollywood really isn't it? Lecture other people on what they should or should be doing but not applying it to yourself. Patronise all the little women about being good feminists while getting your wabs out for the lads.

Singingforsanity Tue 28-Feb-17 20:05:08

Completely her choice. I posed topless a few years ago and found it a very empowering experience, as it was my body and nobody was telling me what I could and couldn't do with it.

lazytuesday Tue 28-Feb-17 20:05:20

She looks good. Just because you can see some of a womans breast does not mean shes objectifying herself. Women have breasts, get over it. Shes not in Playboy covered in baby oil, its a high end fashion shoot. I get so annoyed when people seem to suggest that showing more than a certain amount of flesh is demeaning or classless. Why? You wouldnt say a man pictured completely topless was demeaning themselves! You wouldnt say a man posing with an open shirt was demeaning themselves. But Emma in her high end fashion clothing where you cant actually even see her nipples is apparently letting down young girls. I personally think it lets down young girls more to suggest that they need to keep very strict control over how much flesh they reveal because if they dont they are cheapening themselves. Surely its the context that is important not exactly how much flesh is being revealed?

MutePoint Tue 28-Feb-17 20:05:45

A sheer top that shows her breasts. Just wish she'd chosen to be a better role model to young girls.

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