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AIBU to be proper peeved about

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PoorOldEeyore Mon 27-Feb-17 20:38:26

people who put their everyday rubbish into the street bins near to my home?

- namely cat litter in open carrier bag, leftover food (which then attracts rodents, cats etc to scavenge) and other random crap - I mean, who in their right minds would put cat shit and litter loose into a carrier bag and leave it in the street?!

I'm just sick of walking past it and seeing that yet again, somebody has dumped a carrier bag full. This morning the street cleaners came around at 6.30am as I was walking the dog. By 3pm the bloody bin is full again of their crap!
Most annoying part is I can't seem to narrow down who the hell is doing this.

Would you a) be bothered b) report it

Am I just being a busybody. Feel free to tell me to get a life smile

MrsExpo Mon 27-Feb-17 21:09:21

Not U at all, but I'd report it to the council and see if they can find out who's doing this. Do all the households on your street have adequate bins? (I'm guessing so) ....

PoorOldEeyore Mon 27-Feb-17 21:37:08


Thanks for your response.

Yes, we all have very large black wheely bins for general household rubbish (collected every 2 weeks) Also large recycling boxes for glass, paper, cardboard, plastic AND food waste (collected weekly)

Really no excuse and I just can't understand it.

I will start informing the street cleaners each time although I don't want to criticise them as they do a very thorough job here.

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