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To want to help without being intrusive

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ByeGermsByeWorries Mon 27-Feb-17 19:16:48

Since before Christmas, new neighbours have moved in, two adult women and two adult men, and two babies.

Every single day without fail I hear the babies screaming, screeching and crying at the top of their lungs and the pitch goes right through you. Eventually it reaches a crescendo where one of the women or men will shout, not sure what they shout as they speak another language, but then it all goes quiet for about 15 minutes and slowly builds up again.

It goes on all day from 7am to after 8pm most days. I've no idea how the babies aren't exhausted and it's so loud and clear even on the other side of my house.

I know there is nothing parents can really do about the screeching but it goes right through us. We work from home and find ourselves dreading the long days of screaming. It isn't happy screaming sounds.

I don't want to be horrible and send notes or complain about the noise, I prefer to get on with people.

How could I offer to help without sounding intrusive or mean? The babies seem to be in the same room all day, the adults all sound constantly stressed. They shout at each other a lot too. I definitely feel stressed so they must be absolutely threadbare which probably makes it more tense.

I understand there's every chance they will just want me to push off but I was thinking maybe I could go round and introduce myself, and offer to show them some of the facilities in the city that I take my little one to if they are new to the area? Maybe the babies would get out and not be so frustrated? Would this be weird or cause offence?

PurpleDaisies Mon 27-Feb-17 19:18:58

If you want to make friends that's great. I'd start off by inviting them round for a cup of tea or something low key. I wouldn't make it about stopping the babies at crying at all.

Trifleorbust Mon 27-Feb-17 19:30:06

How lovely. Do take Purple's advice though. Suggest a coffee. Don't mention the babies.

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