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to ask how the hell did Jennifer Aniston's Oscar shoes stay on???

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CheersMedea Mon 27-Feb-17 11:44:49

See here:!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2017/02/26/294/n/1922398/052029fa9fdb4998_GettyImages-645726756/i/Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-2017-Oscars-Afterparty.jpg

How? Just How?

It's a tiny strap that rests below her bunion/big toe joint and you'd think the shoe would just fall off as she walked....

Someone explain it to me please!

SnowBallsAreHere Mon 27-Feb-17 11:45:41


BellonaBelladonna Mon 27-Feb-17 11:46:54

No idea but she looks incredible. smile

Floggingmolly Mon 27-Feb-17 11:47:25

Are there transparent straps anywhere?

HelenaWay Mon 27-Feb-17 11:47:27

Is there another strap at the back?

DoubleR Mon 27-Feb-17 11:47:59

A heel strap?

StereophonicallyChallenged Mon 27-Feb-17 11:48:21

Must be glue!! I've never heard of such a thing but have thought about super glueing my own weddingy-type sandals before now 😂

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 27-Feb-17 11:49:42

She's had long metal spikes implanted into her heel bones.

The heels of her shoes are hollow and the spikes are slid into them.


Maudlinmaud Mon 27-Feb-17 11:50:05

Has to be a heel strap. Has to be.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Mon 27-Feb-17 11:50:27

I assume she had some body tape left over. She wouldn't quite have used a whole roll to keep that stunning dress decent!

CheersMedea Mon 27-Feb-17 11:51:07

No - it doesn't look like there are any other straps at all.

It is magic!

I am rather in awe because you'd think if you had to do the "walk on the stage" in front of all the world thing, you'd want shoes you'd be damn sure were going to stay on.

I've hear of slebs using tit tape on mules but still - that shoe would need industrial amounts.

It is a magic shoe.

MadisonAvenue Mon 27-Feb-17 11:51:37

I wondered that too, but thought that there must be some girly secret that a female who lives in flat boots and Converse wouldn't know about!

TheOnlyLivingBoyinNewCork Mon 27-Feb-17 11:51:53

They have to be stuck on at the sole and heel, there are not other straps at all.

ElspethFlashman Mon 27-Feb-17 11:52:23

I'm not being funny but why was she presenting? Have I had a brain fart and missed a movie she was in??

wobblywonderwoman Mon 27-Feb-17 11:55:15

She looked amazing!!!

TheOnlyLivingBoyinNewCork Mon 27-Feb-17 11:59:14

She was in 3 movies in 2016. None of them up for Oscars, but still, 3 more than any of I'm guessing!

diddl Mon 27-Feb-17 12:10:08

double sided tape?

HappyFlappy Mon 27-Feb-17 12:11:04


Must be.

She's a very attractive woman, but what horrible feet!

JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 12:11:30

Foot muscles!

HateSummer Mon 27-Feb-17 12:13:38

What's the point of those shoes? She might as well have been shoeless.

Gaaaah Mon 27-Feb-17 12:13:58

Tit tape?

NapQueen Mon 27-Feb-17 12:14:28

She always wears those type of shoes with the tiny strap across the toes but I didnt realise there was no otger strap!!

ElspethFlashman Mon 27-Feb-17 12:16:25

She's been wearing those shoes since the Friends days. Shes nothing if not a creature of habit. They have a slingback. She wears the nude version a ton too.

I don't like them at all, I think they make everyone's toes look a bit knobbly.

HecateAntaia Mon 27-Feb-17 12:16:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelenaWay Mon 27-Feb-17 12:18:06

They come up a little bit around the heel keeping them secure.

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