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To feel that some objects have "bad vibes"?

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JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 00:41:45

I know I am's all a bit woo isn't it? But sometimes I just get this sort of "YUK!" feeling about certain objects.

I go to a lot of charity shops and junk shops and mostly I am fine about items but now and then I will pick something of interest up and then immediately have to put it back down because it disgusts me in a way I can't articulate.

Anyone else?

Neem Mon 27-Feb-17 00:45:10

I once heard that if you buy a second hand mirror it can give you strange vibes.

babyunicornvomit Mon 27-Feb-17 00:45:33

I'm a bit like this. I've come across a few objects in my life that give me unexplained creeps. One was an old jumper. Another a 'learn italian in 3 months' book and CD set. Very odd.

JonesyAndTheSalad Mon 27-Feb-17 01:00:25

Yes! I'm not the only one! I saw a lovely, lovely vase the other day in a local vintage shop. I thought "Ooh! I have to have that!" it was only ten dollars...which is about a fiver.

Picked it up...NOPE!

Had to put it down immediately.

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