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Answers only lead to more questions

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onepissedoffmamajama Fri 24-Feb-17 22:18:41

I've used this mantra now for a while regarding ds dad. Aibu to just think sod it, what's the point in asking why he does things and just leave him to it? Won't drip feed, he doesn't pay for ds, hasn't seen him in several years. I got really annoyed this evening as I've just ordered a load of new clothes for ds. It cost a bomb. I can't ask him for money, he's gone to extreme lengths to avoid cms. He even left the country when they started to catch up with him. Didn't say a word to me or our son, just went travelling and we heard nothing from him for 2 years. Now he's back and is doing a uni course in September so "won't be earning" but that's bollocks. He was self employed so he will be working on the side and not declaring it. I wrote out a long email tonight to him to ask why he has given up on our son, why he didn't even tell him he was going on a 2 year vaycay, why he still hasn't been in touch. And then swiftly deleted the message cos I thought what's the point? He will either ignore me or dodge all my questions the way a politician does. Probably posted on the wrong board and probably coming off all higgledy piggledy but gahhh what's the point trying to communicate with someone who doesn't actually give a damn? ...and breath

onepissedoffmamajama Fri 24-Feb-17 22:39:36

Probably should have posted this at a more decent hour

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