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To be in a really bad mood!

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LoopyLou1981 Fri 24-Feb-17 20:31:03

I'm 8 months pregnant, I've got a stinking cold, I can't take anything that helps, if I lay down on 2 pillows I can't breath, if I prop myself up on 3 pillows I can breath (ish) but my hips cramp up and my dh has just opened a bottle of my favourite wine to 'ease himself into the weekend'! Apparently taking myself off to bed was 'moody' 😒

Happyandhungry Fri 24-Feb-17 20:33:45

flowers 7.5 pregnant here, had a great pregnancy so far but now starting to feel tired and the beginnings of a sore throat/cold confused I feel your pain and think that your husband should be making you a nice hot honey and lemon and a foot massage at the very least!

OuchBollocks Fri 24-Feb-17 20:36:02

I would be tempted to 'accidentally' knock your husband's wine glass over, but then I'm 38+3 and genuinely properly moody. Your favourite wine? Bastard. Mine has the sense to bring me tea and a biscuit up to bed at least.

MusicToMyEars800 Fri 24-Feb-17 20:41:18

I would have done the exact same thing OP, brewcake I hope you feel better soon, and you dh opening your fav wine hmm well no words for that, I would be giving him a piece of my mind lol.

LoopyLou1981 Fri 24-Feb-17 20:50:32

Misery loves company and all that! 😂
I'm just feeling sorry for myself. This will be the last time I'll be pregnant and I really want to enjoy it as much as my 1st but things keep conspiring against me 😠

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