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To put DS in a 'kids' camp' on holiday?

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user1487945602 Fri 24-Feb-17 14:28:45

DS is 4. He loves nursery, etc.

We are currently on holiday (2nd day) and DS keeps wanting us to go swimming, build sand castles, get him an ice-cream, play with him, etc.

I'm early stages of 2nd pregnancy and can't wait for him to have a sibling to play with grin no, but seriously, I'd really like to just relax. I know that being a parent means doing what your child would like, but I would absolutely love to be able to just relax in the sun!

It is DH's day today - he has taken him swimming (DS found the pool a bit too cold) but obviously DH had to get in first, so was extremely touchy after as DS didn't even end up being in the pool longer than 5 mins.

Has played on the beach with him (built a hole, etc.) so has been entertained. We all went to lunch together.

DS won't sit on a lounger for 5 minutes/play on his own for a short while. I don't mean to sound mean, but I don't think it's particularly evil of us to say he has to.

We suggested the holiday camp that's at our hotel and he says he wants to stay with us, so I suppose that's why I'm asking.

He says he would like to stay with us for nursery but then goes and really enjoys it. I know he would have fun. WIBU to put him in it? Just for the mornings.

Noodledoodledoo Fri 24-Feb-17 14:34:20

I wouldn't do it - holidays with kids are not for relaxing and lazing around on sun loungers.

I had friends who wanted a boozy, relaxed holiday like they had pre kids - took 22 month old with them, bailed out and came home early!

Hotfuzzed Fri 24-Feb-17 14:36:22

I get that you want to relax but that's not really realistic with a four year.

dalmatianmad Fri 24-Feb-17 14:38:28

Unfortunately you don't get to relax and lie in the sun when you have a young child!

Just try and focus on enjoying time with your family away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.....

Lochan Fri 24-Feb-17 14:39:00

Well it's up to you, plenty of people do.

However you really can't expect to have a lying around in the sun holiday once you have a small child. You are setting your self up for misery.

As far as I'm concerned holidays are about spending time together as a family without work/household chores getting in the way.

They are about day trips, playing on the beach, bike and pony rides, ice cream before dinner and picnics.

Lying in the sun relaxing isn't fun for children.

NapQueen Fri 24-Feb-17 14:40:35

Cant you just have 2 hours each alone (you in the morning and dh in the afternoon eg) to lounge and read or swim or whatever then the rest of the time its family time.

At 4 does he go to bed at a reasonable time so you and dh can relax on the balcon

BastardBloodAndSand Fri 24-Feb-17 14:41:29

Don't see the issue with him having a few sessions in the kids club........He'll probably enjoy himself a lot more with a few kids his own age and some new faces

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Fri 24-Feb-17 14:43:02

Maybe make him agree to try for an hour? He may love it and would have missed out on his special bit of the holiday by not going?? It's hardly boot camp you have suggested!!

SquidgeyMidgey Fri 24-Feb-17 14:43:47

Make the most of only having one to entertain on holiday wink

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 24-Feb-17 14:44:12

Could you put him in the Kids' Club for one or two afternoons, to give you a bit of a break, @user1487945602?

user1487945602 Fri 24-Feb-17 14:44:36

Yes he goes to sleep at a relatively good time and we do sit on the balcony, but I don't know, it's not sunny then!

I do see what you mean, I just thought if we played with him in the morning, it isn't unreasonable to tell him that he entertains himself for half and hour/go to the kids club.

Kelsoooo Fri 24-Feb-17 14:45:42

Both my girls went to "holiday school" as they called it and had a fab time. We are going away later in the year, and they've already asked if they can go.
Can you just take him for a few hours?

BellyBean Fri 24-Feb-17 14:45:50

I would. Can you see how he likes one session and go from there? Yes holidays are to spend with your child but DH and I book days off work and send DD to nursery because we need a true day off now and again too.

harderandharder2breathe Fri 24-Feb-17 14:46:29

What did you expect from a holiday with a 4 year old?

Yanbu to put him in holiday club if he's happy there. Yab(a bit)u for expecting to lounge around while looking after him on holiday

hibbledobble Fri 24-Feb-17 14:46:36

Yanbu as long as he is happy to go. On our last hholiday abroad, dd, then 4, went to kids club at every available opportunity, her own choice. She enjoyed the socialisation.

Rainshowers Fri 24-Feb-17 14:47:25

I'd do it (and have!). We booked somewhere with highly rated childcare last year and have done the same this year. DD is an only child, loves nursery and is pretty easy going. We'd drop her off for 2-3 hours and she loved it. They had loads of toys, craft etc and a playground plus it kept her out of the sun for a few hours while we read a few chapters of our book/had a peaceful swim.
We spent the rest of the time playing with her (in and out the pool, on the beach, playing peppa pig snap), and we all came back relaxed. I'd definitely recommend it!

DeleteOrDecay Fri 24-Feb-17 14:50:01

I don't see the problem. Although I do think you had some slightly high expectations for this holidaygrin

Put him in the club for a morning, see if he enjoys it. If he does then great, fun not then you'll have to muddle through as best you can - try to make the best of it!

ghostyslovesheets Fri 24-Feb-17 14:50:40

please ignore the po faces OP - put him in the club for a few sessions - you are a parent not a martyr

You are on holiday as well - if it means you get 1hr here and there to relax I really don't see the issue - mine all loved the clubs when they where younger

DeleteOrDecay Fri 24-Feb-17 14:50:47

*if not

Bestthingever Fri 24-Feb-17 14:51:36

I would maybe put him for half a day do you get some family time but also get to rest. I know you're exhausted but do make the most of your last holiday where you can give all your attention to your ds. The last holiday we had with ds1 before we had his db was sooo tiring for me but I also have lovely memories from it (eating KFC in bed was a particular highlight!)

Parietal Fri 24-Feb-17 14:53:25

as someone who works full time with kids in nursery / school full time, I've always avoided holiday clubs because my kids don't get that much family time anyway. also mine were very shy and hated meeting new kids / going to new places.

but if it works for you, fine.

Lochan Fri 24-Feb-17 14:55:21

I have to agree with Squidgey two children is going to be harder than one for many years to come.

With a 4 year age gap you aren't going to be able to leave them to be able to "entertain themselves" on holiday for years. (sorry)

You might want to start thinking about a different kind of holiday.

Our most relaxing holiday was camping at a wonderful site designed specifically for young families. With play equipment in the middle and the tents all round the outside. Kids had a whale of a time on the climbing frame, trampoline, swings and sand pit while the parents sat reading outside their tents. It was great.

Mostly we go somewhere self catering with lots of outdoor activities and lots of interesting places to visit.

formerbabe Fri 24-Feb-17 14:55:50

I'd do it

FakenewName Fri 24-Feb-17 14:57:04

Pop him in for a morning see how he gets on.

FinallyHere Fri 24-Feb-17 14:57:14

I'm all for the kids club option and would definitely let him have a go to see how he likes it. If he is anything like me, after initial fears which almost put me off, it was the best bit of any holiday I ever went on. Playing with my peers, and trained leaders is waaaay more fun than Mummy and Daddy, who want to enjoy their own holiday.

Just a small point, again based on my own experience (as a child), I would not put it to him as * he entertains himself for half and hour* or go to the kids club because that makes it sound very much like a poor second best to the unspoken alternative stay with mummy and daddy. I would absolutely put it as if he is <insert behaviour you want to encourage>, he may be allowed a visit to the kids club.

I fell for this approach every time, and to be fair, really enjoyed myself. I'm sure you will know whether he hates it and will take him out again. And will listen to his tales of what he got up to. Enjoy your holiday

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