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To get a perm?

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Wishiwaswonderwoman87 Thu 23-Feb-17 19:33:07

Just that really, I have mid/long length hair that hangs like curtains ridiculously straight... Not in a nice trendy way, more like morticia Adams!

Perms are different these days aren't they? No longer a one style frizzy mess or am I being delusional?

When I go out I curl it and it always makes me feel much better so thinking it would be nice to have proper curls that don't fall out after 2 hours.

Feel free to add pics to show me real perms as I have a feeling the ones I'm googling may not be showing a real life every day perm!

FishlessCake Thu 23-Feb-17 19:37:07

YANBU, I'm very tempted to grow my hair (it grows very fast) and get it permed in the summer when I get highlights.

Wishiwaswonderwoman87 Thu 23-Feb-17 19:44:12

It's not crazy then? When I went to get my skin test the folk at the salon seemed surprised that a 'young' person wanted a perm...

FishlessCake Thu 23-Feb-17 19:50:52

I'm 32, I feel like I'm too old to get a perm grin. I've always wanted curly hair, hopefully some people come on with fantastic photos.

Funnyface1 Thu 23-Feb-17 20:09:46

I have also fancied doing this but never dated. I prefer myself with curly hair but never have enough time to do it. Will be interesting to hear from people who perm.

Wishiwaswonderwoman87 Thu 23-Feb-17 20:14:35

Well I'm almost 30 so wouldn't have classed myself as young which made me think then that's it's only much older people that do it? Surely not though!

Wishiwaswonderwoman87 Thu 23-Feb-17 21:14:27

Bumping for traffic

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