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Cold callers...grrrr....

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miserableandinpain Wed 22-Feb-17 19:22:38

Aibu.... cold calling should be made illegal.
We have a sticker saying no cold callers but still...

Grrr.. its half term. Im pg with baby no.3 dc1 and dc2 both napping AT THE SAME TIME!!! [Shock] never happens. So i thoight heck why not nap myself.

After about 15 minutes i must have been out of it. Then the door bell rings, i ignore it. Then it rings again after 30 seconds. I ignore it. 30 seconds later bang bang bang on the door.

I opened the door and said we have a stomach bug i dont want to pass it on. He practically ran away. Great it worked. Not so great he woke us all up!!

[Angry] i can guarentee that nap oppertunity will never happen again!

Sorry for spelling. I am shattered

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