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To think that if you google-map someone's house, you shouldn't tell them

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Mingewithafringe Wed 22-Feb-17 17:14:33

I used to work with a girl who for some reason used to blow hot and cold with me and I felt like she used to compete with me: For this reason I really didn't trust her very much when we worked together and I tolerated her.

She left, had kids, and I don't know if it was the maternal aspect of having children but she became a bit nicer and since then we've exchanged messages on Facebook here and there which have been fine.

I've moved house very recently. She facebook-messaged me out of the blue on the weekend and asked me how I had been etc, I replied (as you do) that I had been busy with moving house but so glad to be unpacked and settled now. She congratulated me and asked me for my address so that she could send a card.

I thought "oh that's sweet" and sent her my address, a few minutes later I get another message saying "nice. I like that type of brick". I replied "haha how do you know" and she replied saying she had put the address into google maps with a winking emoji.

I haven't replied to that message but part of me wants to tell her to stuff her greeting card as I think she only said that to get my address and to compare my new house to hers, she obviously hasn't changed much at all.

Aibu to think that googling someone's address is not normal, or is this an acceptable thing now?? Or do most people do it and therefore should I be grateful that she's been honest rather than sly! I would hazard a guess that she's been on rightmove too to see what we paid

IndianaMoleWoman Wed 22-Feb-17 17:16:36

I would've looked but wouldn't have told you. So I guess it depends if you value honesty or politeness more. I'd wait to see if the card arrives!

BrokenBlackSoul Wed 22-Feb-17 17:17:42

Nah. You're being a bit weird. She could've drove round and peered through your windows.

I tap people's addresses into google. Mostly to check if it's close and could I save postage and deliver instead.

I google addresses for some people who buy my stuff if their account is a bit suspect too.

MargeryFenworthy Wed 22-Feb-17 17:19:39

It happened to me. A friend, who incidentally am trying to distance myself from, due to her grabbiness, let slip that she had seen our home online. It did jar a bit but makes more sense to me now in light of her more recent behaviour

DJKKSlider Wed 22-Feb-17 17:20:56

Street view is wonderful.

Just the mother daybincoukdnt remember the name of a hairdressers, 2 minutes in street view sorted that.

I have also used it to nose where my old managers lived.... Ready for a flaming poop bag in the door step.... not really.... maybe

Floralnomad Wed 22-Feb-17 17:21:24

Can't see what the problem is , isn't everybody a bit nosey .

notangelinajolie Wed 22-Feb-17 17:34:35

I love google street and it is one of my go to sites when I'm bored. I am also very nosy smile. If I am going to a place I've never been I always have a look on there, it's really helpful.

Laiste Wed 22-Feb-17 17:38:46

I had no idea googling addresses was ever unacceptable. Or rude somehow. I really don't get the upset OP i'm afraid.

It's not like you have to sign up to something or go to a massive stalkerish effort.

GeorgiaOQueef Wed 22-Feb-17 17:39:08

My parents mentioned they were looking at a house in X street. Next thing, my mum's brother and SIL, who lived about 60 miles away, booked a viewing! They were quite open about it! People are weird!

sunshin3yellow Wed 22-Feb-17 17:45:08

I would totally look, but wouldn't tell anyone.
I do love a nosy on right move too where you can see photos inside houses that have been sold in recent years shock

Beachedwh4le Wed 22-Feb-17 17:46:00

I don't think it's all that weird. I think you're reading too much into it and assuming she is jealous or competitive

Mumzypopz Thu 23-Feb-17 09:15:19

Where I work people openly Google colleagues addresses, at their desk. If you don't live in a big posh house, you go right down in the pecking order.

Love51 Thu 23-Feb-17 09:20:25

I'm in the process of moving. I texted the right move link to family members who wanted to know, and I've looked with a friend how to get from my house to a yoga class ('hobby venue').
I street view places I've never been to check out the parking, and see if I can figure out the street layout before I get there. Never thought it was rude!

BaconMaker Thu 23-Feb-17 09:21:35

I think it kind of depends on the context of her being competitive. Lots of people might do a google street view just out of curiosity/boredom. The same as I might peruse some mutual friend's Facebook - not because I particularly care but just because it's there. If you think she's doing it to compare it's more irritating.

Owlzes Thu 23-Feb-17 09:22:09

I thought it was normal. If someone sent me their new address I'd have a peek. But then, when I bought my new house I sent my family the rightmove pics.

emmyrose2000 Thu 23-Feb-17 09:49:46

I look all sorts of things up on google earth/maps (businesses', homes). But I don't tell the homeowner about it.

I think it's a lot more common than you think.

DJBaggySmalls Thu 23-Feb-17 09:57:30

The comment and the wink sound goady.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 23-Feb-17 10:42:05

Every single Christmas I have to use google streetview to check the address of the people opposite our old house who we still exchange cards with. I know which house they live in but can never remember the number, so I use streetview to look at the number on their front door.

If you've bought the house she will know how much you've paid for it too.

SpookyPotato Thu 23-Feb-17 14:15:57

I would have looked but not told, it's a bit stalkery grin

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 23-Feb-17 14:17:27

I'm always google earthing everything. It's not odd to me. It's interesting.

GeillisTheWitch Thu 23-Feb-17 14:17:51

Sometimes I google map the addresses of people I sell stuff on eBay to blush. It's just nosiness, I like to see where "my" stuff is going to live.

StarlingMurderation Thu 23-Feb-17 14:18:54

I would have looked, because I'm nosy and I love property. I'd probably even have looked on rightmove so I could scope out the floor plan. Mmmm I love a good floor plan. But I wouldn't have told you because I wouldn't have wanted to weird you out.

heateallthebuns Thu 23-Feb-17 14:37:13

Ooooo I always look! And on maps. It's v interesting! Also it's no more info than you'd get if you drove past so it's not very secrety or anything.

FlyingElbows Thu 23-Feb-17 14:41:02

Tbh it sounds like you don't like her and she doesn't like you and what you're both doing is having a Facebook "friendship" so you can bitch about each other. It's very childish. Just delete her and save your energy for people you know and like.

knackeredinyorkshire Thu 23-Feb-17 14:48:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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