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To buy a Granny Pig t shirt for my mother...

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justinelibertine Wed 22-Feb-17 12:30:36

My mum is always trying to push Peppa Pig themed clothes on DD. She's 2 and hates Peppa to the extent she cries when it comes on. AIBU to buy this for Mother's Day from DD and see how she likes being forced to wear a t shirt with Granny Pig on it?
Or is that just a bit too cruel?
It would certainly hammer the message home I guess.
We have no themed clothes yet. I want to save them for when DD wants to choose them for herself

Rainydayspending Wed 22-Feb-17 12:31:21

Do it.

justinelibertine Wed 22-Feb-17 12:35:33

I am imagining the tears! To which I will say, "You seem to love Peppa Pig clothes so now you have your very own."

iwasagirlinavillage Wed 22-Feb-17 12:36:28

Yeah, do it. Surely it will just be taken as a joke.

Gowgirl Wed 22-Feb-17 12:40:20

Where do you buy them?

Osirus Wed 22-Feb-17 12:43:40

My DP's mum bought a Peppa Pig daddy t-shirt when our daughter was born and he made her return it!

I think she bought it in Asda.

Osirus Wed 22-Feb-17 12:44:05

YANBU, by the way!

DeepStillWaters Wed 22-Feb-17 13:01:41

Or you could just ask her to stop?

Gottagetmoving Wed 22-Feb-17 13:21:16

Your DM may love having a granny pig t shirt....and it may make her worse with the obsession... You may have it backfire....grin

GertrudeBelle Wed 22-Feb-17 14:27:42

It's a bit of a cruel thing to do on mothers day when she'll be hoping for something nice.

By all means do it on another day. If she says "but I don't like Peppa Pig" you can say "neither does DD" wink

Lochan Wed 22-Feb-17 14:30:46

What if she loves it? It. It could go horribly wrong.

KanyeWesticle Wed 22-Feb-17 14:48:03

She won't be "forced to wear it".

Surely it'll end up in the charity shop as soon as you're out of sight?

mygorgeousmilo Wed 22-Feb-17 15:02:32

Please do it. For all of us, do it!

SootSprite Wed 22-Feb-17 15:07:43

Beware OP, this is the kind of thing my dad would love (a Grandpa Pig one, not Granny, obviously). In fact, I'm betting he'd still wear it now even though his youngest grandchild is 15 😂

Just talk to your Mom, tell her in no uncertain terms that dd hates Peppa Pig.

Rugbyplayersarehot Wed 22-Feb-17 15:11:12

Gosh how mean

Pouncival Wed 22-Feb-17 15:13:13

Gosh how mean

so is this

My mum is always trying to push Peppa Pig themed clothes on DD. She's 2 and hates Peppa to the extent she cries when it comes on

Lochan Wed 22-Feb-17 15:16:55

I will warn you, this could escalate, what if you get a Mummy Pig tshirt in return?

I'm ashamed to admit that I got into a war of passive agressive tea towels with my MIL many years ago.

Retaliating with our own PA tea towel (after the first shot across our bows) just escalated the whole thing. It spread to PA mugs. When it finally reached the heights of PA embroidered cushions I finally said no more and scrabbled my way back to the moral high ground.

We never speak of it now.

IWantATardis Wed 22-Feb-17 15:20:57

It might backfire.

What if she loves it? Wears it all the time? Starts buying Peppa clothes for you now that she realises they come in adult sizes?

justinelibertine Wed 22-Feb-17 15:22:47

It is very mean, and it will make me as bad as her but I have asked countless times for her to stop and she ignores me.
This woman cries when I wear DM boots in her presence because she doesn't like them.
I wish I could buy it for mothers day but maybe it'll do for a one off gift.

BoccadiLupa Wed 22-Feb-17 15:23:57

BUY IT! grin

whatsthepointofmorgan Wed 22-Feb-17 15:24:20

Do it.
Then come back and tell us how it went.

amusedbush Wed 22-Feb-17 15:25:53

Please do it. Film her reaction.

<settles down with popcorn>

justinelibertine Wed 22-Feb-17 15:28:08

When is Mothering Sunday? I shall get ordering. smile

GreyStars Wed 22-Feb-17 15:30:32

This will massively backfire

Best case scenirio will be be that come Christmas your entire family will have XYZ pig t-shirts and your be fuming into your Brussels sprouts, worse case someone will be very upset and hurt, especially if you do it on Mother's Day - that's way too harsh.

YANBU to think about revenge though grin

whatsthepointofmorgan Wed 22-Feb-17 15:31:57

If she's a bit on the stout side, she may be insulted.
If she has facial features that are even slightly porcine, she may be insulted.

Wtf. Do it anyway! grin

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