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To ask how to dress through the awkward phase of pregnancy?

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CesareBorgiasUnicornMask Wed 22-Feb-17 09:21:43

I'm four months. I have a small bump but basically I just look fat. Don't fit my old trousers, but maternity ones are too big. Normal trousers in size up fit round the tummy but bag everywhere else. I look ridiculous in everything! Didn't have this issue last time as literally couldn't tell I was pregnant until 30 weeks when a proper bump appeared overnight. Am currently off to uni looking good decidedly bag-ladyish in a giant cardigan to disguise my undone trousers confused. Help!

BobbieDog Wed 22-Feb-17 09:22:44


museumum Wed 22-Feb-17 09:23:04

I wore dresses with a top on top so the dress looked like a skirt but had no waistband.

SayNoToCarrots Wed 22-Feb-17 09:23:18

I wore long tops and leggings, or dresses.

kel1234 Wed 22-Feb-17 09:27:21

I wore leggings and long cardigans, or dresses as it was heading towards summer when I was that far along.

Bex107 Wed 22-Feb-17 09:29:57

I found a bump band invaluable - JoJo Maman do a great one here - - it's just a tube of stretchy material that buttons on to your trousers to keep them up when you can't button them! Also covers any gaps between tops and trousers caused by your bump. It's fab for breastfeeding as well, if you plan to, as it allows you to hike your top up without exposing your tummy!

doomclaw Wed 22-Feb-17 09:30:12

Can you use a stretchy bump band over undone trousers to hold them up?

lampfromikea Wed 22-Feb-17 09:38:30

Under bump trousers were my best friend until about 30 weeks when I finally fit into the over bump ones!
I had to pin the elastic at the back though, as until the last week or so, my bump wasn't too big and I'm one of those awful, horrible people who didn't put weight on anywhere else.

Creatureofthenight Wed 22-Feb-17 09:41:13

I've been wearing jeggings a size up, they aren't too baggy,, and bought a few swing-type dresses in my usual size which just skim over the bump.

Mummythebabysbeensick Wed 22-Feb-17 10:03:48

I used a hairband to do my normal trousers up until I was big enough for maternity.

Vanillaradio Wed 22-Feb-17 10:09:15

I wore harem pants from Next mainly, kind of leggings but a bit more stretchy with elasticated waist.

ditzychick34 Wed 22-Feb-17 10:17:39

Bump bands are brill and you could try your normal trousers with an elastic band through the hole and round the button (but do carry a spare!) This meant I got a few months(!) out of my work jeans and noone noticed I'd changed styles.

kshaw Wed 22-Feb-17 10:19:45

I bought some very unfashionable braces! I wear them under my tops but they hold up my trousers (hate the feeling of trousers falling down!) seriously best £10 spent during my pregnancy! Under the bump jeans have seen me to 30 week point with braces!

ElvishArchdruid Wed 22-Feb-17 10:19:47

I was going to say leggings too... Or jeggings, jeans that are leggings that'll expand with you smile

CesareBorgiasUnicornMask Wed 22-Feb-17 11:07:28

Braces is genius! I also hate the feeling of constant paranoia that I'm going to lose my trousers. I'm living in leggings at home but can't face wearing them out and about too much as my legs look like sausages. lamp I was hateful like you last time! This time I look like a Michelin lady - every single body part has just got round confused. May try dresses but I'm finding tights very uncomfortable. Hrrm...

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