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To think if you are giving stuff away for free you shouldn't get asked to deliver without a fee?

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Shellym13 Wed 22-Feb-17 01:15:55

We are having a big clear out before moving house again next month and I'm giving away loads of practically new stuff for free.
We don't need it or have room so would rather it went to someone in need. So far we've been asked if we can keep it for a month or deliver to a place 40 miles away.
Is it just Mr or if you are getting a new sofa suite. Dining set and sofa bed for free should you not arrange Your Own man with a van?
I can deliver the small items but not 40miles away!

Valentine2 Wed 22-Feb-17 01:35:53

If you are talking about Freecycle kind of thing, then yes people do take the piss. You meet all sorts there. But it's every bit worth it. Just say no and do what you want to rid of left over items. Just don't let the spirit go. It's very nice of you to offer new things on such places and face the hassle.

charlestonchaplin Wed 22-Feb-17 07:20:12

I think there are chancers on sites like Freecycle and some people do report being messed around regarding collection times. However, you want your things to go to someone 'in need'. Many people in need cannot spare the money for a man and van, even if they are going to end up with something brand new. I think 40 miles is far too much to ask, especially if you don't have a van yourself, but they are probably going on the principle of, 'don't ask, don't get'.

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