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Have GGUK gone mad?

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Longtimeguider Mon 20-Feb-17 20:21:58

Skylarks, Jets, Kites or Voyagers anyone?

I have been a Guide, Brownie and lately a Ranger leader for more years than I can remember.
Guiding is split into sections: Rainbows (5-7yrs), Brownies (7-10yrs), Guides (10-14 yrs) and Rangers (14-26yrs).
Rangers is the traditional name for what is now called "the Senior Section", and has just celebrated its centenary.
GGUK have decided to revamp the section, firstly by changing the age to 14 to 18 only, the programme and uniform are also due to be changed.
This survey has been sent out to girls ages 12 to 18 about a new name.
Have a look, what do you think of these names for 14-18 year olds?,4QL9O,JM7ZBR,HRRGB,1

harderandharder2breathe Mon 20-Feb-17 20:44:23

I would hazard a guess that names have come from consultation with members while still considering Guiding traditions (guide patrols were traditionally birds or flowers)

The Senior Section is a clunky name, lots of guiders I know still use Rangers.

I quite like Voyagers, it's on par with Scouts Explorers of the same age.

To be fair though, they had a poll to name the horrible user unfriendly membership data system... and in the end it's staying the same.

Longtimeguider Mon 20-Feb-17 21:04:00

The problem I have with the survey is that it only has the choice of those 4 names. It doesn't give the option of "None of the above" or to keep with the existing name or Rangers. There is also nowhere to make a comment.

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