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WIBU to let DD down and not go to the zoo just because I have only had 2 hours sleep?

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ElliotorElliott Mon 20-Feb-17 04:48:34

DD is 7 and has a teach training day tomorrow so still off. I promised her i would take her to the zoo (it's a large zoo and a full day out). She is all excited and could barely get her to sleep. We are talking an hour and a half drive to get there, etc.

I haven't managed to fall asleep yet. We have to leave at 8 am up at 6:30-7am to get her ready, etc.

WIBU to take her to the farm or something so we can leave a lot later and o can manage to get more than a couple of hours sleep in? Or would that be unreasonable due to how exited she is? (Never been to this zoo)

Silverdream Mon 20-Feb-17 04:50:44

I'd take her. You promised.

pillowcase6 Mon 20-Feb-17 04:52:16

Do you think it'll be dangerous for you to drive?

Maybe you can say the zoo opens at midday and sneak in a morning nap.....

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Mon 20-Feb-17 05:17:36

A 90 minute drive there, a day at the zoo then a 90 minute drive home? I'd apologise to her and take her to the farm instead, 3 hours of driving and a full day out on 2 hours sleep probably isn't very wise.

Apfelbunny Mon 20-Feb-17 06:03:27

I'd take her.
If I promise to do something for DC's I do it regardless.

I wouldn't be able to deal with a disappointed face, especially if it's not her fault

Foldedtshirt Mon 20-Feb-17 06:08:30

Take her. Get everything ready, put the tv on make yourself a strong coffee. Tell her you need to rest your eyes to drive safely, set an alarm for 45 mins time and rest WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED until it's time to go. Take apples. flowers

minnymoobear Mon 20-Feb-17 06:08:32

Why so early? Why not leave later? Most places are open til 5ish and youll be done in 3-4 hours. Id leave home at 11ish and go.

ShaniaTwang Mon 20-Feb-17 06:10:44

Take apples??

mummypig14 Mon 20-Feb-17 06:15:36

If i could manage it on lucozade and coffee id take her.

Inset days out are the best, nowhere near as busy as school hols so you'll have a great day.

Then again DD didnt sleep until she was 4 so i can cope well on a few hours...

lozengeoflove Mon 20-Feb-17 06:18:08

I'd take her, but then with a baby and a toddler, two hours is a norm here. I'd never leave the house if I cancelled events due to lack of sleep grin

Lots of water, fruit and Percy pigs a hearty breakfast should see you right.

Foldedtshirt Mon 20-Feb-17 06:19:44

Apples wake me everyone up, Shania stodgy carbs make me sleepy. The key is to close your eyes for a good chunk of time now.

Buddahbelly Mon 20-Feb-17 06:27:24

Same as lozenge I'd be a recluse if i cancelled because i had got no sleep.

Close your eyes now, lots of coffee, caffeine/coke/lucozade and snacks throughout the day. And fwiw I always have a bottle of holland & Barratt's green tea pills on standby for days like these. They are for help with dieting but after reading the reviews more people break them in half and have them as an energy supplement. and with a non sleeping child who wakes at least 3 times a night even though he's nearly 5 I've needed all the help I can get.

and I agree with a pp teacher training days are the best, there will hardly be any other kids about.

bittapitta Mon 20-Feb-17 06:28:46

Hope you got some sleep OP. I know the feeling.

On that little sleep I wouldn't be comfortable driving. Maybe the drive there would be fine but I'd be exhausted for the drive home especially after an active day at the zoo. Is there any other way to get there?

Miserylovescompany2 Mon 20-Feb-17 06:38:23

Is there an alternative to driving? A train for example? I think that's too much driving to do on hardly any sleep.

Ghosttownspecials Mon 20-Feb-17 06:40:00

Tell her you are not well and have a quiet day at home. Go another day. Thats life.

Nanna50 Mon 20-Feb-17 06:45:22

I wouldn't do a whole day with a child on 2 hours sleep and I'm a long term insomniac so I'm used to functioning below par. Hopefully you fell asleep after posting and can go later in the day. If not I would ease my guilt by telling myself that learning how to cope with disappointment is a skill that all children need to learn halo

Sukitakeitoff Mon 20-Feb-17 06:45:33

You shouldn't drive after only 2 hours sleep - you could kill someone. Seriously, lucozade and coffee aren't enough to make you safe hmm Unless someone else can take you or you can go by public transport then you can't go - simple as that.

Lilaclily Mon 20-Feb-17 06:47:22

I'd lose my job if I didn't drive after 2 hours sleep, insomnia sucks

Hellmouth Mon 20-Feb-17 06:50:16

I think you could just aim to leave later so you can try to sleep. The zoo will be open all day, there's no need to get there at half 9.

Drink lots of coffee. Coffee will make it all better :D

londonrach Mon 20-Feb-17 06:50:32

Id explain it to her and do something else and go another day. No way would i risk driving on that little sleep. Thats alot of driving.

Elvisrocks Mon 20-Feb-17 06:50:44

I would not drive for three hours in total on that little sleep. I can't believe people are suggesting you should. Go to the farm instead and buy an extra treat for her.

Lilaclily Mon 20-Feb-17 06:51:01

Hopefully op is soundo now

contractor6 Mon 20-Feb-17 06:52:40

Make the day exciting in another way, maybe something more local, the farm can be more exciting if its a petting farm.
Make it a mystery magical journey looking for fairies under the hedgerow etc. Don't drive you'll be worried and stressed and she'll pick up on it too

Sukitakeitoff Mon 20-Feb-17 07:03:30

@lilaclily if you drive after only 2 hours' sleep it's equivalent to drink driving in terms of accident risk:

tinglyfing Mon 20-Feb-17 07:21:26

Is getting a train there an option?

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