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Or is DH? 13 year DSD unwell and has just got into our bed...

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user1487364179 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:07:44

13 year old DSD has been suffering with her first period. Came in half hour ago crying with stomach pain and got into bed next to me.

Due to me being 8 months pregnant with twins and having a tiny double bed- DH has sulked off to the sofa and is muttering under his breath like a spoilt child

bummymummy77 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:10:19

Tell him he's an unfeeling twat and to have some empathy for others.

bummymummy77 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:10:37

Well don't. But think it.

BlackeyedSusan Mon 20-Feb-17 02:12:37

well, hinbu to be grumpy at being ousted from his lovely warm comfortable bed, so I am sure you can forgive him a bit of a grumble. why did he not get in dsd's bed?

PotOfYoghurt Mon 20-Feb-17 02:13:22

A spoilt child? My periods were horrific at that age!

DogMama89 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:15:13

Assuming dsd is not some kind of tiny weeny 13 y/o she must be in a full size (even if single) bed? Correct? Can't dh hop in there?

Hugs to dsd flowers

user1487364179 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:20:50

She's unfortunately had an accident on the sheets and I honestly dont have the energy to change them at 2am and DH didnt fancy it either, hence the sofa.

bummymummy77 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:26:06

Your dh should have changed the sheets. Dh and I take turns for the pain in the ass jobs like midnight sheet changes etc. You're heavily pregnant, he should do it no question. Or at least not whine about the sofa.

neonrainbow Mon 20-Feb-17 02:26:54

But it's his daughter?

Well done stepmum smile its good that she's got someone she can turn to and it's lovely that she's so comfortable with you.

MouseClogs Mon 20-Feb-17 02:32:48

Poor little thing!

YANBU. Your DH is being grumpy and petulant, at best.

bummymummy77 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:34:25

Only just seen she's your stepdaughter!

VodkaLimeSoda27 Mon 20-Feb-17 02:38:36

Ahhh, poor little thing. She is lucky to have a lovely stepmum!

PyongyangKipperbang Mon 20-Feb-17 02:53:46

The way he is acting about your DSD needing some love and comfort now.....thats how he will react when you are struggling post partum and have twin babies to take care of.

Stomp on this shit NOW, seriously.

Peanutandphoenix Mon 20-Feb-17 03:16:28

He is being massively unreasonable he could've changed the sheets it's a quick 5 minute job. I understand how your DSD is feeling right now I went through painful heavy periods when I started at 14 and right now she just wants comfort and hugs at least she has a lovely stepmum to give her that unlike her grump of a dad. flowers for you both. I hope her stomach cramps stop soon.

pillowcase6 Mon 20-Feb-17 03:23:40

Give the guy a break, it's 2am. Nobody feels like Mother Teresa at that hour!

Let him be cranky, I say. I would be too, but would know at some level that it was irrational, hopefully he does too.

KermitRuffinsTrumpet Mon 20-Feb-17 03:24:21

You sound like a wonderful stepmum. What a lucky girl she is to have you and so lovely that she feels you have the sort of relationship were she can crawl into bed with you when feeling vulnerable with an intimate and at that age potentially embarrassing condition.

I'm envious of your large twinny yummy 😀 good luck star

ScarlettFreestone Mon 20-Feb-17 03:38:42

Firstly: how lovely to hear that you have such a nice bond with your DSD.

Secondly: I am deeply unimpressed by any man that is such a baby he can't clean up a bit of menstrual blood. In about a month's time he's likely to be cleaning up from your waters breaking - or is he planning for you to do it?

I have twins. Your DH is going to have to develop a stronger stomach very, very quickly. He's shortly going to be swimming in baby vomit, wee and poo (times two) at all hours of the day and night.

Personally I'd be pissed as hell that he didn't sort out her bed. Way to make her feel dirty and embarrassed.

highinthesky Mon 20-Feb-17 03:40:59

Typical unthinking man. Tackle it when he gets back from work today.

Is he going to be any more considerate when your twins are born?

PyongyangKipperbang Mon 20-Feb-17 04:18:00

Give the guy a break, it's 2am. Nobody feels like Mother Teresa at that hour!

And yet the OP, at a time when any woman is entitled to be a selfish bitch, managed to put her step daughter before herself. But yes, let give the poor man a break ffs hmm

PyongyangKipperbang Mon 20-Feb-17 04:20:02

In fact I am wrong in my pp, the OP didnt put her DSD before herself, as it didnt even cross her mind that there was a comparison. She saw a fellow woman who was suffering and needed comfort and the OP opened her arms to her. The "D"H/"D"F got an arse on and fucked off. If I was the DSD's mum, I know who I would trust more with my child and it wouldnt be her bio father.

pillowcase6 Mon 20-Feb-17 04:54:05

And yet the OP, at a time when any woman is entitled to be a selfish bitch, managed to put her step daughter before herself. But yes, let give the poor man a break ffs.

Man or woman, he's the one who left the bed to sleep on the couch. OP is still in her own bed.

If it was OP who was cranky because she had to leave the bed to make room for their child I'd be saying "give the poor woman a break."

AlmostAJillSandwich Mon 20-Feb-17 05:58:06

Poor love, i remember realising i'd started my first period but other than that i don't remember much about it. I've always assumed it was just spotting for the first one, and gradually moved up to full on bleeding, not that some women bleed like a regular established period from the first.

It does seem a bit dramatic that she needs to get in bed with you though. Presumably she's changed her protection and clothes after the accident, why could she not have changed her own sheets/put a towel down and got back in her own bed? I understand that it's all new to her and it's uncomfortable, but 13 is pretty big to be getting in bed with mum/dad when you feel unwell.

I sympathise with your husband, he's been kicked out of his bed in the cold in the middle of the night to go and sleep on a sofa. He cannot fully understand what periods feel like and i'm sure he is sympathetic to his daughter, but it is still a bit OTT to be thrown out of your bed because someone on a period wants a cuddle.

charlestonchaplin Mon 20-Feb-17 06:52:08

I would have been highly embarrassed to have anyone changing my bloody sheets age 9, let alone age 13. How you baby these children!

Iggi999 Mon 20-Feb-17 06:57:51

Have a talk with him in the morning. Yy to the poster saying this is how he'll be with the babies.

ProudBadMum Mon 20-Feb-17 07:00:38

I'd be mumbling as well at 2am.

A period doesn't make you entitled to be a selfish prick and the 'a fellow woman suffering' bollocks is fucking hilarious.

It's a period, it's 2am. Who would want to change a sheet at that time?

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