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To think it's weird to have your partner as your profile photo?

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CatchTheRainbow Sun 19-Feb-17 17:55:48

Just that.

Just a photo of them on their own.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 19-Feb-17 18:00:36

Maybe, is it there for a reason? I had DH as mine for a while but it was a cheesy pic with a minor celeb. Don't think I've ever had a photo of myself as my profile pic.

londonrach Sun 19-Feb-17 18:02:54

Agree..never had a photo of me always things...sunset etc. Maybe photo is special for reason.

Thadius Sun 19-Feb-17 18:05:02

People used to carry pictures of loved ones in their wallets this is just the modern version of that.

Underbeneathsies Sun 19-Feb-17 18:11:09

I notice a lot of people have their kids as their profile pics....
Are we all to have a grim passport like photo with dental records attached?

I use my cat's photo. Obviously I'm not a cat.... some people have boats and other inanimate objects, or a picture of a landscape ...

Do you feel they're fraudulent grin and are passing off?! Or have lost their identity, and now self identify as a sunset, or their better half?

steff13 Sun 19-Feb-17 18:16:00

Right now my profile pic is of me, but sometimes I change it to one of my kids or something else. I don't think it's weird.

Cinnamon12345 Sun 19-Feb-17 18:27:32

Mmmm, mines my child with their nephew.

Crunchymum Sun 19-Feb-17 18:28:53

I only have whatsapp (no FB or Instagram) and it's a picture of my kids. Always has been actually.

60sname Sun 19-Feb-17 18:32:34

Yes it's weird because your pic is supposed to represent you - your child, your pet, your favourite place could all be said to do that.

Your partner is capable of having their own Facebook identity and will either do so or doesn't want one, in which case it would also be weird to put them up

Grannyben Sun 19-Feb-17 19:21:39

Does it really matter?

DappledThings Sun 19-Feb-17 19:26:02

Annoys me too, much more than it should. Maybe it's just my pedantic nature but yes, I think your profile pic should be you, or at least include you. So you and your kids fine, just your kids is a bit silly and makes it look like you have no identity yourself.

Especially since they brought in the cover photo which is your more fitting opportunity to use a photo that means something.

Yes I do think I'm the Facebook police and yes I should get a life.

iklboo Sun 19-Feb-17 19:31:15

My FB page is friends only. They know what I look like. They don't really need a picture of me as well.

MTB1003 Sun 19-Feb-17 19:31:18

DH's is of me and DS. I don't think it's odd.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 19-Feb-17 19:35:53

My anecdata is that men tend to have themselves, avatars or nerd stuff. Women overwhelmingly have their kids with some animals, partners and random crap mixed in.

It would make a great study! And yes, it is about identity and it is weird!

MrsExpo Sun 19-Feb-17 19:44:02

Mine is a picture of my horse .... clearly I'm not a horse!! My friend uses her DH as her profile pic because she is recently widowed under very distressing circumstances and it's her way of trying to deal with what happened. Each to their own I guess.

On another forum I use a picture of a parrot which I took at a zoo ... I'm a talkative bird, so it seemed appropriate.... !! smile

Whatsername17 Sun 19-Feb-17 19:45:42

Dh had one of me. He was showing off a photo he took.

mygorgeousmilo Sun 19-Feb-17 19:48:26

Got to be better than having their name as "so and so's mummy"..... or occupation as 'proud mummy' hmm

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