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To say if you're having relationship problems go and see a solicitor

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SHLisamust Sun 19-Feb-17 17:17:27

That's it really. I discovered my H has been having sex with other women. I have been to STD clinic and had my free half hour with a solicitor. She was truly wonderful. I now feel like the clouds have lifted and I have some power back.
I've posted on AIBU for traffic to urge any of you PLEASE, PLEASE, look after yourselves if you suspect there's another woman on the scene. I never envisaged I'd ever be in this position as I naively thought my marriage was ok

TaliDiNozzo Sun 19-Feb-17 17:30:25

No I don't think if you're having relationship problems you should go to a solicitor. I think if you want a divorce you should go a solicitor.

Sorry for what you are going through.

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