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To growl at my Tupperware cupboard?

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Snooks1971 Sat 18-Feb-17 22:28:29

Kitchen is fairly well organised due to a much needed re-fit a year ago. All my plentiful hoarded plastics have a place.
Put something away earlier and all was fine. Just opened the door to put one of those tiddly plastic IKEA bowls away and 2 huge fuck off lunch boxes launched themselves out at me.
So I growled - albeit in a Marge Simpson way (like rolling r's under the radar) but slightly louder, more bear like and annoyed. (AIBU?)

dudsville Sat 18-Feb-17 22:30:40

Yes. I moved all of ours to a deep drawer so this could no longer happen.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Sat 18-Feb-17 22:35:25

God I hate the plastic drawer. Kitchen plastic is a mystery to me. I don't know how I seem to have a million lids and no actual tubs. Where the bloody hell do they disappear to? Tubs and teaspoons seem to be sucked into the kitchen black hole.

SleepIsForLosers Sat 18-Feb-17 22:40:38

This happens when I open most of my cupboards and I've now started hearing my three year old growling at objects and toys if they fall over or don't work properly so I need to stop blush

honeylulu Sat 18-Feb-17 22:41:11

I have tried different ways but this is the only way to stop the attack of the killer tupperware. Stack with lids on!

Snooks1971 Sat 18-Feb-17 22:42:17

I do hoard it. Every tub. Some are like heirlooms! Dudsville I should have done that, instead of the precarious stacked towers in the cupboard

Snooks1971 Sat 18-Feb-17 22:45:21

honeylulu I'm in awe - a perfect cupboard of Tupperware! (Showing my age calling it Tupperware)

honeyroar Sat 18-Feb-17 22:55:46

Honeylulu I think you've cracked it! Tomorrow I'm putting lids on all my Tupperware.

ScarletForYa Sat 18-Feb-17 22:55:58

Stack with lids on!shock


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