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To wonder why I can suddenly link to other sites?

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Tissunnyupnorth Sat 18-Feb-17 19:45:50

Is this something new that I don't know about? Today I've noticed that when I'm on a thread, links come up to other websites, when that company is mentioned. So far today I have noticed Sainsbury's, Asda and eBay?

Anybody else? Assuming it's a marketing ploy?

gamerchick Sat 18-Feb-17 19:47:11

It's probably something that's snuck in and isn't supposed to be there.

Creatureofthenight Sat 18-Feb-17 19:48:20

There's a thread about it on Site Stuff, it's called Skimlinks, MNHQ are using it as alternative advertising revenue.

gamerchick Sat 18-Feb-17 19:57:16

They did it on purpose? Lordy.

FireSquirrel Sat 18-Feb-17 20:24:21

Thanks for this, thought my phone had picked up a virus from somewhere, nice to know it's not just me.

CaoNiMa Sat 18-Feb-17 20:46:40

It's for ad revenue. Particularly charming in posts where the OP is baring her soul about a grave problem, and the text is filled with skimlinks. Tasteful. confused

Tissunnyupnorth Sat 18-Feb-17 21:10:08

Wow. Agree with CaoNiMa, baring your soul whilst providing an advertising opportunity. Not sure that sits well with me.

Aderyn2016 Sat 18-Feb-17 21:20:16

It is a stupid idea - it ruins any serious point a poster is making when the post contains skimlinks taking you to bloody ebay or some shite.

Tissunnyupnorth Sat 18-Feb-17 23:03:59

This is awful. I was just reading a very difficult thread regarding a little boy with SEN. Somebody was advising re a psp (parental support programme). Lo and behold the thread is now full of links to psp handheld game devices on amazon. Mumsnet - are you monitoring this?

RortyCrankle Sat 18-Feb-17 23:05:41

It's awful, especially if you're typing about something serious and these bloody things appear. So I guess the answer is to not use any company names when posting.

Not good MNHQ - don''t know how much money you're hoping to generate but I won't be clicking. I'm sure we're all quite capable of going directly to a company's website, should we wish to do so hmm

AverysillyoldHector Sat 18-Feb-17 23:06:05

I think if you use an adblocker, as well as blocking all the adverts (obviously), it prevents these words being turned into links.

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