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AIBU to change builder at the last minute?

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monkeyfacegrace Sat 18-Feb-17 04:43:07

In a nutshell.

6 months ago was in talks with a builder for an extension. Got a detailed quote, all was good. Unfortunately I then had a problem raising the funds, so had to postpone. But promised the builder that he would have the work and I wouldn't go elsewhere.

Fast forward to now. I got back in contact a couple of week ago, to say funds now all sorted, in my bank, ready to go. Lots of email exchanges, he came back today to sort final details. Got the revised quote through. The build cost has increased by almost £8000!! That's a 30% increase! Total before was £20k, now it's £28k. Apparently this is a rise in materials, but really?!

So, I can't afford to proceed now. He was meant to start on Monday.

I'm torn between anger and upset and frustration.

My knee jerk reaction is to get another quote (he wasn't the cheapest but I trusted him), but I feel like a right twat and like a time waster sad

Any thoughts from anyone with trademen DH's? I'm worried about pissing the builder off but I literally can't afford his new price.

Popskipiekin Sat 18-Feb-17 05:17:19

I'd question it! Why on earth has it gone up so much? Explain you could afford at 20k but not at 28k. Prices might have gone up ??5% max I expect, and materials will have made up only part of his original quote, so if the 8k increase is just for materials costing more it's a heck of a leap.

Don't feel bad about cancelling. You have a very valid reason. But sounds - unless more to this - that he is taking the piss with the increase.

Btw... he isn't now including VAT whereas before he didn't? There would still have to be some kind of increase at net cost level, but 3k not 8k, and then remaining 5k would be VAT. Just a thought...

Sandsnake Sat 18-Feb-17 07:15:34

You're well within your rights to look elsewhere, unless you've accepted the new quote in writing. Similar happened to us - we accepted a quote from a builder, paid the deposit and days later they increased their price from 30,000 to 35,000, citing increase in materials. We pulled out and got our deposit back - we simply didn't think it was with the extra money (the 30,000 was right at the top of our budget).

BewtySkoolDropowt Sat 18-Feb-17 07:27:18

Prices of raw materials have gone up more than 5% since Brexit. Average rise has been in the teens of %. Despite that, it still seems high. I would be honest and say that you weren't expecting it to have increased as much as that, and how much you can afford. If he can't do it for that, go elsewhere.

monkeyfacegrace Sat 18-Feb-17 08:13:04

No def not a vat issue.

I haven't signed anything.

Obviously I fired an email straight back saying in that case build is cancelled. He knew I'd drawn 20k down from my mortgage based on his previous quote, how he thinks I can pull 8k out my arse I don't know.

Not having good experiences of builders and I'm beginning to wonder why my money isn't good enough for people. Grrr.

monkeyfacegrace Sat 18-Feb-17 09:14:03

I've just torn apart the quote vs the one from last year.

Labour has gone from £7357 to £11633.

He can go fuck himself. I may be desperate to get building but I'm not stupid.

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