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sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:27:53

AIBU to be incredibly cross with the OH for leaving house keys at work and now having to go to sleep with unlocked door?

dowhatnow Sat 18-Feb-17 00:29:25

Yep. I couldn't sleep like that. I'd probably put a mattress in front of the door and sllep on that, so it can't be opened.

melj1213 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:31:53

Why do you have to sleep with the door unlocked because he forgot his keys?

Or is he the only one with house keys?

sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:32:54

He took my set to work today as he left his there yesterday

RB68 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:33:40

get spares

taptonaria27 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:34:44

Put the ironing board against the door

Bahh Sat 18-Feb-17 00:35:03

That's sitcom stuff that is! and something I would do

YADNBU. Kick him a bit 'in your sleep' tonight

taptonaria27 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:35:18

But no, yanbu to be cross if ifs two days running

Leggit Sat 18-Feb-17 00:36:16

I would have called a locksmith if he couldn't get back for the keys. No way could I sleep with the door unlocked

BertrandRussell Sat 18-Feb-17 00:36:20

Presumably he didn't do it on purpose? So why incredibly cross?

melj1213 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:37:27

If he left his keys at work yesterday why did he need to take yours today instead of just leaving when you left and then picking up his own keys when he came home?

If he had your keys how did you get in/out today?

sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:38:17

Incredibly cross because he didn't tell me and I just woke up checked the door and found it unlocked. Then ignored me asking for help finding keys... Knowing he had left them at work

sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:39:23

I didn't leave the house today. He took the car today which has my set of keys attached

sonyaya Sat 18-Feb-17 00:43:10

Yeah it's not great. The only comfort I can give, and it's sort of comforting and not comforting all at once, is in the very unlikely event someone approaches your house to enter it, a locked door wouldn't stop them. We were burgled recently - door was locked and they forced it.

Likelihood is no one will try. for peace of mind I agree to barricade the door with something.

FennecFoxMummy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:43:22

So how did he get home confusedblush

melj1213 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:43:34

So if your keys are attached to the car keys, how did he get home without them if he drove home?!

sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:44:15

He walked back!!!

NoCapes Sat 18-Feb-17 00:45:06

confused precisely nothing about this thread makes sense

BackforGood Sat 18-Feb-17 00:48:07

So he left the car at work as well ?

He seems to have some memory issues!

melj1213 Sat 18-Feb-17 00:48:56

So your husband forgot his keys yesterday, and then despite the fact you would be home and might need your keys during the day, you let him take your keys to work despite the fact his keys were already there and that would leave you without one, and then he conveniently forgot that he drove to work and walked home, leaving the car and both sets of keys at work?

If it's close enough to walk, why not make him walk back, and how come you didnt notice that the car wasn't outside the house?!

sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:50:13

Husband usually walks to work. He took his keys yesterday and forgot them. Today he took the car ( he had stuff to take with him). Car keys are attached to my house keys. He left the car at work (which is also my PIL home) and also the keys as he walked home (usual strategy). I am annoyed that he didn't tell me that he hadn't locked the house and I discovered this now!

sarkymammy Sat 18-Feb-17 00:52:16

I'd love to make him walk back! Midnight isn't unreasonable?! I didn't look for the car... My evenings are filled with bedtime and bathtimes!

PiratePointyTits Sat 18-Feb-17 00:55:42

Can he walk back to get them and drive home?

Leggit Sat 18-Feb-17 00:57:48

Fuck sake the keys are at your parents in laws? Just send him to get them!

PiratePointyTits Sat 18-Feb-17 00:58:24

Cycle then if he's got a bike. He'd be there in a jif.
Leave bike at work/PILs, drive home. Walk over in the morning, cycle home.

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