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To think a holiday will actually be fun with a baby and an 8 year old?

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DimplePeach Thu 16-Feb-17 13:20:15

Never done a family holiday before, will have a few month old baby and my 8Yo DD this summer, and Im desperate to get away somewhere! I feel bad because DP and I went to Thailand for 3 weeks last year alone as it was my first ever holiday we wanted it to be adulty, DD said she didnt mind, she stayed with her Dad, she used to get car sick so an 11 hour flight may have been a disaster anyway! (Shes never flown) But I do feel bad so I said we would all go somewhere together this year but we have an (unplanned but very wanted) new arrival due next week so am I being totally naive to still think we can go somewhere this year and it not be an absolute nightmare with a small baby?! Not as far as thailand but maybe greece or italy? Or do I need a slap with reality confused

HVB79 Thu 16-Feb-17 13:26:03

Congrats on your impending new arrival! We went on holiday to Italy with my first at 5 months. Was great as she wasn't yet crawling and hadn't started solids. It sounds like a lovely idea.

lifetothefull Thu 16-Feb-17 13:26:13

Try somewhere with things to do in the place you are staying. That means you or DP can sit and read a book while baby sleeps and the other one can take 8 yo to pool or something like that. Avoid places that involve you all having to go out in order to find entertainment.

JoanofNark17 Thu 16-Feb-17 13:30:02

You need Eurocamp, thats what. You can preorder all the baby crap to be there when you arrive, cot with bedding, high chair, changing mats, potty, whatever. You can pick a baby friendly site that's specifically intended for parents with small people, and with kids clubs and activities for the older child. And you can sit on the deck and drink while they are asleep grin
Best holidays with mixed age kids ever, seriously.

NotCitrus Thu 16-Feb-17 13:32:02

Italy would be lovely. A small apartment in a town or city, or a room/pair of adjoining rooms in a hotel that does a great buffet breakfast. Main problem would be if you have one room for all four of you to sleep in and then the baby cries a lot and everyone is tired and a bit grumpy, but if you can have an extra room it's much easier. Or just accept that you will all be doing not much, one person at a time keeps an eye on dd swimming or playing in parks etc and then you only do a bit of sightseeing most days and lots of sitting around with icecream/pizza /outside cafes with coffee etc.

Anywhere in Europe will be enjoyably 'foreign' to DD so see what nice apartments you can find that are cheap and easy to get to. Enjoy!

MoreThanUs Thu 16-Feb-17 13:32:08

Love family holidays! Have low expectations. Safe enough money for takeaways / eating out / good quality convenience food. Don't go somewhere too hot / get appropriate clothes so not constantly washing t same outfit. Don't spend too long on a plane. But most importantly, have low expectations!!

That should do it.

Kaz2200 Thu 16-Feb-17 13:34:21

I agree, went to la Baume when kids were young, best holiday ever, flew to Nice so short flight and hired a car, loads to do, and evening sat on the deck drinking red wine.

londonmummy1966 Thu 16-Feb-17 13:42:18

Eye wateringly expensive but only a half hour flight from London - Bedruthen Steps hotel in Cornwall was great at that sort of age as they had baby club and kids club and surfing so a chance for some adult time and some one on one with 8 year old. And a lovely session at 6pm everynight with entertainer for children by the bar so parents could have a drink and cuddle baby whilst older children had fun.

LoupGarou Thu 16-Feb-17 13:52:52

We have flown long haul regularly with DS since he was a tiny baby, they key is being prepared - plan things with military precision! We never take a pram/pushchair for DS, we always use a sling and it makes going through airports so much easier and quicker, and so useful to have both hands free. That does depends on whether you baby likes slings though.
When DS was a baby we used to pit him in his sling and he could go pretty much anywhere with us smile

Note3 Thu 16-Feb-17 21:31:34

Spain or Italy would be great as reasonable flight and children are generally made a massive fuss of and accepted for being kids.

Good plan to go away while baby little. I'd say from about 4 mths upwards is best as with all 3 of mine I remember feeling things seems to click and get a bit smoother from about 3/3.5 mths

Huldra Thu 16-Feb-17 22:40:57

We're fans of holiday villages. As others have said there will be activities on site so you can sometimes play tag with the kids. Baby sleeping and the other takes 8 year old swimming, kids club etc there are bars and restaurants within a few mins walk, shop on site. One advantage of a van is you do have some personal space, I've stayed in hotels and apartments before ánd worried about the noise with other familys next door.

Along with Eurocamp also:
Yelloh (offer half board or meal plans. Never used it as for us easier to eat out when needed)

You will find a mixture of these companies, along with Eurocamp, on the same sites. It's worth searching them as they will offer different types of accommodation and prices on the same site. Or find the location and site and also look at the actual website, again different prices and sometimes apartments or hotels attached.

We've stayed in some really nice ones, that are a far cry from a caravan

With Yelloh we had a fantastic one that was 2 vans on the same pitch. We have older kids and enjoyed our plush own space.

Angela0413 Thu 16-Feb-17 22:57:02

Absolutely go away, holidays with young babies are easy eapecually of breastfeeding. Went to Jamaica when second DS was 2 months old, he slept most of flight and just slept fed most of days, was a dream. Had 3 year old too, we shared looking after him so I actually managed to read a few books!

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