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NameChanged2333 Wed 15-Feb-17 12:49:11

Lovely Valentine's meal arranged by DP at my favourite restaurant, roses and card.

Then, during desert...he called me a Volvo. A fecking Volvo. Apparently because "when you get one, you keep them for a long time"
AIBU to be eternally offended and LTB?

MumBod Wed 15-Feb-17 12:49:49

Could have been worse - you could have been a clapped out old banger.

SmileEachDay Wed 15-Feb-17 12:52:19

Sure he didn't say "vulva"?

NameChanged2333 Wed 15-Feb-17 12:53:47

Smile ...would that have been better? grin

xStefx Wed 15-Feb-17 12:54:14

Aw god, men can say such stupid things cant they. Start referring to him as your "old man" see how he likes it
My DH says stuff that's just as stupid but he means it well... I hope lol

SmileEachDay Wed 15-Feb-17 12:54:36

No. NO! grin

Zaphodsotherhead Wed 15-Feb-17 12:55:11

Could have been worse, he could have called you a Micra... they go on forever, and the state of the bodywork is dreadful!

ChicRock Wed 15-Feb-17 12:55:22

I can't tell whether this thread is lighthearted or not, but what a bizzare conversation. I'd be totally bemused. In fact, I am totally bemused.

MumBod Wed 15-Feb-17 12:58:32

Or a Lotus - loads of trouble, usually serious.

NameChanged2333 Wed 15-Feb-17 13:05:42

I have to be honest and say a fair amount of alcohol had been consumed by this point and it was definitely a bizarre conversation! And yes...on the flip side there are worse brands of car to be compared to.

MatildaTheCat Wed 15-Feb-17 13:18:52

We also went for a romantic Valentines dinner first time in thirty years. There were some candles on a shelf behind my seat so I said, ' can you watch out so my hair doesn't catch fire?' He replied, 'Why?'

I think I should LTB.

I did receive twelve red roses from a delivery company. Sadly they'd been delivered to the wrong address and weren't for me at all. grin. Moonpig told me to keep them as they couldn't be arsed to collect. I truly hope the real recipient got hers at some point.

NameChanged2333 Wed 15-Feb-17 13:41:00

I think we should both LTB's! Hurrah for Moonpig...have some more flowers

loaferloveforyou Wed 15-Feb-17 13:58:47

I think it's a clumsy but strange compliment. Like saying you are too good to let go of!

TheNaze73 Wed 15-Feb-17 14:19:46

I think it's a massive compliment

NameChanged2333 Wed 15-Feb-17 14:35:40

Damn! So I'm not to LTB? Got a whole speech ready and everything. wink
I can't think what kind of car I would have preferred...I'm in my 40s now and overweight of average build, so hardly have the sleek lines of a super car anyway. Maybe an Aston Martin? in another lifetime smile

Screwinthetuna Wed 15-Feb-17 14:43:29

Would you have preferred it if he'd called you a bike/rental car/banger

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