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To ask for help remembering the name of rannaldini's horse (Jilly Cooper fans unite)

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canihaveacoffeeplease Wed 15-Feb-17 00:29:27

Please help. It's been annoying me all day since I used a miniature this morning in the shower I brought back from a posh hotel and it made me think of how the only thing rannaldini ever did for kitty was bring home miniatures from posh hotels from his business trips... this obviously (?!) got me onto thinking of her escape to the lovely Lysander Hawkley on Rannaldini's evil racehorse who's name I frustratingly cannot remember... how utterly random. In my defence, I have a 2 week old baby and am not sleeping much...

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 15-Feb-17 00:34:40

Prince of Darkness!

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 15-Feb-17 00:35:20

As you can tell from my username, I was always going to get that one right! grin

IrregularCommentary Wed 15-Feb-17 00:37:53

Ah, beaten to it! no pun intended, given we're talking about Rannaldini

canihaveacoffeeplease Wed 15-Feb-17 00:43:41

Oh my god THANK YOU! It has been bugging me all day and I can't find my copy of The Man who made husbands jealous anywhere. You are my saviour.

canihaveacoffeeplease Wed 15-Feb-17 00:45:05

lol at fenella Maxwell, just read your username grin

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 15-Feb-17 00:45:29

You're welcome!

ShaniaTwang Wed 15-Feb-17 00:48:48

Where's that thread started by ballonslayer always very cheering...

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