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Posting for traffic.. Xbox gamers, headset help

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MsJamieFraser Tue 14-Feb-17 20:53:21

ds got a new headset for Xmas this all was working and then all of a sudden the microphone wont connect... He can hear his friends and he connects to xbox live, however what he cannot do is speak to his friend and it just wont connect.

We took it back to Smyths who tested it and said it was working fine, however the headset soft wear may need updating... phoned Mircosoft who done everything they could, and said it was our internet provider who needed to provide our connection portal opened, so phoned Sky and we done what they asked of us and its still not working hmm

He can hear his mates however it wont connect to voice (circle connect thingy) his gaming tag also shows.

Im just wondering if I should just take it back now and ask for a replacement... so if any of you gamers can help with this?

SmellySphinx Tue 14-Feb-17 20:56:20

Update the software to the controller?

SmellySphinx Tue 14-Feb-17 20:57:03

System-devices-should bring up the controller options and to update it

MsJamieFraser Tue 14-Feb-17 21:14:20

All his soft wear is up to date, he got the elite controller for xmas, so when we where on the phone to Microsoft we asked if all his where up to date and they were.

Its got my head battled, I do honestly think the head set is faulty in someway.

rjay123 Tue 14-Feb-17 21:29:54

Try his friends headset to see if it works on your internet/console?

Does he have a Kinect?

Is his microphone muted?

SmellySphinx Tue 14-Feb-17 21:31:43

Ah ok, the only other thing is (OH said) check he's switched to "in party chat" instead of general. If I were you though I would take the headset back and get a new one. We bought another last year it randomly stopped working for a few days or so then just as suddenly started to work!

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