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OH just pees me off sometimes

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lavei Tue 14-Feb-17 19:08:19

Urgh, just irritated so having a rant.

We said we weren't really doing Valentine's Day this year but would still have a nice meal and swap cards. I've spent all day cleaning and tidying the house, shopping and prepping all the food along with taking LO for his appointment. OH gets home and has a play with LO, then just crashes on the sofa. No acknowledgement that I've worked my * off.

My dad has also lent us his camcorder so we can capture footage of LO while he's tiny and some nice footage of us as a family, so I thought now would be a good day to do it, flat's tidy, we're all in good moods etc. Well I turn it on and OH says he thinks it's ridiculous and a waste of time as who will watch it. He walks off and sits on the sofa again so I turn it off and just say if he doesn't want to do something he can say it in a nicer way without hurting my feelings.

I mean he was apologetic and it's nothing really, just sometimes he pees me off! He says things without thinking all the time and it's not until he sees my face that he realises that I am disappointed or whatever. Urgh, would just be nice if he thought once in a while!

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