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Setting up GoFundMe/JustGiving for strangers affected by tragedy

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ThreeShiningStars Tue 14-Feb-17 10:25:26

Yesterday in my nearest town there was a tragic accident and a little boy died. There are very little details as yet and the police have said they are unlikely to release the boy's name until an inquest has been opened.

This accident happened at around 4pm yesterday. This morning a woman had already set up a fundraising page for the family - no names mentioned and no indication that she even knows the family involved on the page or the post where she shared the link, or info on where funds raised would be sent etc.

It just smacks of attention seeking and feeding on a poor families grief for 5 minutes of fame, not to mention the questionable ethics of whether any money raised will make it to those affected.

I realise I don't really have an AIBU, so AIBU to say that this woman is a bit of a selfish tit.

ThreeShiningStars Tue 14-Feb-17 10:27:42

Sorry also just a little disclaimer regarding a recent mumsnetter setting up a page for a fellow mumsnetter affected by a scam - the details of which had been widely publicised and where it was clear where the money would be going to help (also not shared on social media in the immediate aftermath for 'oh congrats hun, you are so wonderful hun, how selfless hun' comments)

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