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...about St. David's Day dressing (one for the welshies please!)

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hockeypuck Wed 28-Feb-07 14:46:44

Both DH and I are English but have lived in Cardiff for 10 years, both DD and DS were born here. I'm not sure whether that makes them officially welsh or not as I have welsh friends who are adamant they are welsh even though they were born elsewhere. My idea is that they will be able to choose their own national identity a bit as they grow up. I don't want to impose Englishness or Welshness on them at all and will support them in whatever they decide 100 percent.

Anyway, letter has come back from school (DD is in reception) saying they can wear national costume tomorrow OR house colours OR brownie/beaver uniform OR welsh rugby shirts/other welsh sport shirts.

She hasnt a clue as far as I know what the costume is and doesn't have one. I know most of her friends will be wearing one this year. But she hsan't asked for one. I'd like to send her in in a Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Shirt which is something she does support and is welsh(well kind of and canadian!) and it's red too so goes with the theme.

Am I a mean mum?
(I should add that if she had asked for a costume I would have got one!)

burek Wed 28-Feb-07 15:04:59

Send her in the hockey shirt, if she likes that - it fits with the list from the school. I used to dress in the national costume every year in primary school and I remember everybody loving the party feel of the day: dressing up, singing all morning instead or 'proper' work, special lunch, and most importantly a half day from school! And we all knew why we were dressing up: to remember St David and be proud of being welsh. I went to live abroad when I was 10 and I live abroad again now and knowing where I come from gives me a strong sense of identity and warmth (sounds wet, but it's true!). And it doesn't make me hate English people! In fact I married one.
There's nothing wrong with developing a sense of national identity. It's just the loud bolshy ones that give it a bad name! It is young in reception class to know much about it, but maybe not a bad age to at least learn about the place she lives in, so that she can decide for herself later on who she is. One thought though - if all the other little girls are wearing cute hats and flouncy dresses, she might feel a bit left out?

JonesTheSteam Wed 28-Feb-07 15:12:30

If you want to get her one, Asda are selling them for £8

MrsBadger Wed 28-Feb-07 15:16:52

The icehockey shirt sounds like a great idea but you may find yourself with a request for the costume next year.

Jonut Wed 28-Feb-07 15:17:23

My daughter absolutely LOVES St Davids day and gets so excited when she knows it coming up!! She loves dressing up and this is just another excuse to do so. She can't wait to wear her outfit tomorrow and I think she would feel very left out if she didn't as all the other girls in her class will be. Tbh honest at this age I don''t think they really understand and just like all the fuss, it's just something a bit different. You can buy the costumes from Asda for 8pounds but I doubt there will be any left no though, you have to get them pretty early!!

JonesTheSteam Wed 28-Feb-07 15:22:55

What size is she hockeypuck?

I've bought one for DD from Asda but am going to take it back, as my mum had already bought one.

If you can't get one and want it, I can meet you somewhere to give it to you. It's age 5-6.

Rhian101 Wed 28-Feb-07 15:31:49

Oh, I miss St David's Day in Wales. You're making me all homesick.

I used to wear the full costume, a leek and a daffodil too. I was so proud! I think it was the only day of the year I could be persuaded to wear a skirt. But I'd have been just as happy in a Rugby Shirt etc, so I certainly think that the Hockey Shirt would be fine (especially if she actually supports them).

As for the Welshness, they've already been contaminated by taking their first breath in good Welsh air! [Grin]
But you're right, they can be whatever they want to be

LowFatMilkshake Wed 28-Feb-07 15:39:22

Makes nostalgic reading this. I miss being in Wales!

I was born elsewhere but both parents were Welsh and I had a strong Welsh identity bred in to me.

OldieMum Wed 28-Feb-07 15:41:57

I'm daling with this question in reverse. I'm Welsh, DH is Australian (of Irish extraction) and we live in England. When DD was very small, we used to say 'You're half Welsh and half Australian'. Now she's four and she insists that she is English, because she was born here and this is where she lives. I find it a bit painful, TBH, but she's entitled to feel like that and I have decided to accept it and let it go. We have taken her to Wales several times, we'll take her to Oz and she can, gently, be told about the historical experiences that make Welsh (and Irish Autralians) feel very unEnglish, but she's not us, she lives here. Immigrant Americans must go through this with their children every time the second generation is born. They deal with - so must I. I think the hockey shirt idea is great, but I also think that the most important thing is not to make her feel she has to choose how to feel now. Sounds like you aren't doing that, anyway. Enjoy St David's Day. My mother is going back to Cardiff for a few days and is going to some kind of celebration at the National Museum tomorrow. Might be worth checking out.

hockeypuck Wed 28-Feb-07 16:17:50

thanks for the responses - sorry I was out getting wet in the welsh weather doing the school pick up.

Thanks for the offer JonesTheSteam. I have just asked her whether she would like one and she is insistent she is wearing party clothes to school tomorrow (so we'll have a fun battle on our hands in the morning!!) I have told her she has the choice of a welsh outfit or a hockey shirt and she said "hockey shirt over party clothes" (because she knows she can take it off once she's at school cheeky madam!).
Hope Asda are good with their returns for you (I might even pick one up in the sale but will probably get age 7-8 so I can be a cheapskate and get one that lasts right up to juniors!

I imagine I'll be getting an early request for a costume next year once she has seen what all the fuss is about this year.

Rhian101 - lmao at the idea of contaminated! The air is SO much cleaner here in North Cardiff than it is in Southern England so I'll happily let the welshness of it contaminate them!

Loving the idea of a daffodil costume though - maybe Asda will do those next year!!

Happy St. David's Day to you all for tomorrow x

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