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To ask how much money you need (a month) to run a house?

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Perfectjob Mon 13-Feb-17 15:00:41

3 bedrooms roughly the size. 3 dc.

Thank you smile.

holidaysaregreat Mon 13-Feb-17 15:08:38

Mortgage £950
Gas & Electric £105
C/tax £180
Water £45
Phone/broadband £35
Food £400-500
TV license £112
Then other things like car tax/insurance/petrol on top as well as kids activities. So not much spare!

holidaysaregreat Mon 13-Feb-17 15:09:22

Sorry TV is £12 - typo

HighDataUsage Mon 13-Feb-17 15:09:42

More information needed as the amounts will vary depending on area for council tax, accommodation etc, ages of dc, childcare costs etc.

ProudBadMum Mon 13-Feb-17 15:11:21

Depends where you are.

witsender Mon 13-Feb-17 15:13:30

Mortgage 720
Council tax 160
Gas/electric 60
Water 25
Broadband etc 25
Logs 20
Insurances 50

Plus car, food expenses.

witsender Mon 13-Feb-17 15:14:19

That's a 3 bed house, 2 kids. Only the purely house related costs listed, is that what you wanted?

Perfectjob Mon 13-Feb-17 15:29:59

London. Dc are 10, 12 and 15.

Thanks for the info so far.

Looks like h and I will be separating. My income at the momenis small, but I am trying to get an idea of what I will need. H has always dealt with controlled all bills, while I have always bought food / everything for the dc / holidays - so I have little idea of what our living costs are sad.

Perfectjob Mon 13-Feb-17 15:30:27

moment is

DrivingMeBonkers Mon 13-Feb-17 15:37:02

Council tax
Buildings insurance
Contents insurance
They are the main ones, following on comes the necessary luxuries

Tv licence
Car insurance
Vehicle tax
Road Tax
Breakdown cover
Mobile contracts/top up
Travel costs
Childcare costs
Pension contributions
Any finance/loan/credit card repayments

Then come the nice to have:
Pet insurance
Various appliance insurances

Food and clothing comes as you can afford it, be that Lidl or Waitrose or somewhere in between

Perfectjob Mon 13-Feb-17 15:43:39

Thanks driving and everyone else.

FunkyChunk Mon 13-Feb-17 15:45:12

3 bed semi, SE London. 3 of us - 2 adults & 1 child (plus 2 cats):

1300 Mortgage
35 Water
155 Council Tax
100 Electricity & Gas
30 Broadband
250 Car & running costs
200 Food & toiletries etc
30 Home insurance
12 TV license
50 Phone (mobile)

£2162 Total

These are the basics for us.

We do have other bills such as Netflix/Now TV, contact lens subscription, credit card, savings and train fare. Without taking into account savings, new clothes, uniform, school trips etc.

Between us we pay out around £2500 on everything each month.

Perfectjob Mon 13-Feb-17 22:14:54

Thanks funky smile.

HighDataUsage Mon 13-Feb-17 22:20:22

Try the money saving website for good deals and also use top cash back when you switch deals for utilities etc to get some money back.

Ele13 Mon 13-Feb-17 22:25:47

You'd probably get a 25% single person discount on council tax.

Electricity and gas can also vary a lot - I use approx £40 per month for the two combined in a 2 bed Victorian end terrace with single skin walls and no other source of heating.

I run a mobile for £7.50 and my broadband for £16.50 (line rental only got the broadband free).

My home and contents insurance is only £90 per year but I assume that goes up a lot with London house prices.

Might be worth looking at what you get if you move out of London, though I can see it's unlikely to be practical. I run my house inc all bills (car tax, broadband, Spotify, Netflix, to licence, water, gas, electric, council tax, mortgage) for under £660 per month in a two bed. The nearest railway station is 1hr 5 into London so probably too far to commute, but you can get a lot for your money elsewhere.

AlmostAJillSandwich Mon 13-Feb-17 22:28:09

I live in a terraced with my dad, fully owned so no mortgage, and we get about £1000 between us a month and rely on credit card and overdraft.

Welshmaenad Mon 13-Feb-17 22:57:00

I'm in Wales so not sure how helpful this is. 3/4 bed semi, water on a meter, 1 adult 2 children.

No mortgage
No council tax as I'm a student but would be about £95 a month with single occupancy discount
Gas/Electric £80
Water £24
Tv £12
£28 a month for fibre broadband, paid a year's line rental upfront to save but would be another £16.50
House insurance £26
Emergency cover £15ish (covers plumbing, electrical issues, fixing of disasters etc)

Perfectjob Tue 14-Feb-17 09:26:22

Thanks for all of this. It has been very helpful smile.

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