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To think I could walk to work and back in nicer weather?

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NapQueen Mon 13-Feb-17 00:33:48

New job is, according to Google maps, 2.3 miles away and the estimated walking time is 53mins.

It's a nice walk there, downhill to the riverside then along and up a little at the end. Obviously the walk home would be harder!

Anyone walk a distance like this?

Nb am hideously bad at cycling so that's a no go!

Missbohan Mon 13-Feb-17 00:36:09

Yep. All the time. I live in London and despise public transport so walk as much as possible - i love it, makes me feel way more relaxed. Just make sure it's safe and not too remote if you are at work very early / very late.

HateSummer Mon 13-Feb-17 00:36:30

Nope. 53 mins? You'd have to leave over an hour earlier every morning. Would you sacrifice that sleep time?
I live 10 mins away from work by foot and still drive in since winter started. 10 mins is manageable.

NapQueen Mon 13-Feb-17 00:38:29

I'm a fan of walking, but the car journey is only 10-15 mins without traffic.

Trouble is dh and I share a car so on days he has the car I will need to take public transport. There's no direct bus so it will involve two buses and probably take the best part of 45 mins.

I figured I could exercise for the sake of the extra 10/15 mins.

HarrietVane99 Mon 13-Feb-17 00:42:50

Is there a bus you can come home on if you don't fancy the walk back?

I'd certainly give it a go, and don't wait for better weather, as long as it's not tipping down with rain, just dress appropriately. Much easier to take exercise if it's part of your daily routine, rather than having to set aside time for it.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Mon 13-Feb-17 00:43:51

Can you split it? Bus part of the way and walk the rest?

I had a walk like this. Lovely walk, across Hampstead Heath. I used to fantasise about roller blades or a scooter grin

NapQueen Mon 13-Feb-17 00:45:07

Yes I could part walk and part bus. From work to the riverside walk then bus up the bank and that bus stops outside my house pretty much.

cariadlet Mon 13-Feb-17 01:10:46

According to Google Maps, my workplace is 2.1 miles from where I live. I used to get the bus home, but started walking home last May and have walked home every day (that I'm working) since. Google Maps estimates that it will take me 43 minutes, but I walk briskly so it's more like 35 minutes.

I really enjoy the walk - I listen to an audio book on my phone and it really blows away the cobwebs after a day at work.

I've decided that from next week I'm going to walk to work as well. I've been saying for ages that I don't have time to walk in the morning, but think I just need to be a bit more organised.

user1484226561 Mon 13-Feb-17 01:14:46

why re you even asking? 2.3 miles is nothing at ll, of course you could walk it easily. And its under an hour, so a small commute by time too. I honestly don't understand why any non disabled person would consider any other mode of transport for that tiny distance.

cariadlet Mon 13-Feb-17 01:15:08

don't wait for better weather, as long as it's not tipping down with rain

I've walked home when it's been chucking it down and as long as you're dressed for it, it doesn't matter. I keep a pair of wellies and some waterproofs at work just in case and just splash my way home. The thought of heading out in the rain is much worse than the reality.

DontFundHate Mon 13-Feb-17 01:29:23

Do it! I walk 45min to work and back, in all seasons. It's a lovely way to start the day energised and end the day through de-stressing

noeffingidea Mon 13-Feb-17 02:13:38

I would think you could do it in about 45 minutes.
I don't see any problem with walking this distance, and I would start now. Why wait for warmer weather, just dress appropiately.

AliceInHinterland Mon 13-Feb-17 02:48:44

Absolutely - it takes me 45 mins to get to work on public transport, I would much prefer to be walking! Even on the rainiest days, just buy a pair of wellies and a long waterproof. Enjoy.

Nyancat Mon 13-Feb-17 03:49:47

Definitely, mine is 3.8 miles and takes just over an hour. I don't do it every day but it's a fab way over blowing the cobwebs away.

AlmostAJillSandwich Mon 13-Feb-17 04:01:21

If you enjoy walking and have no ailments it would irritate i say do it. I couldn't commit to a 50 minute walk because i have a stupid bladder that decides it needs to go NOW with no holding it beyond maybe a minute or two, otherwise i'd love to get out and about walking.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Mon 13-Feb-17 04:06:13

Of course. I walk to work whenever possible. You arrive refreshed, relaxed and having had some exercise. I always arrived home cheerful as the walk removed any worries or stresses from the day. Under an hour is definitely doable. If the weather is hideous one day you could half walk/ half bus.

Definitely wear comfortable shoes, leave your work shoes at work.

I despair of able bodied people who drive for short journeys. If they stayed off the roads our cities would be much more pleasant places with less pollution, congestion, and the streets safer for children and cyclists.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 13-Feb-17 05:06:09

Sounds great and if you are reasonably fit, it will take less than 53 minutes. Google maps walking times are based on quite a slow pace. If the alternative is a complicated bus journey of equal length, I would prefer to walk. Saves money too.

wickerlampshade Mon 13-Feb-17 05:22:01

Do you have access to a shower at work? If so I'd buy a pair of running shoes and run it.

SorrelSoup Mon 13-Feb-17 05:37:30

Try it at the weekend if you're worried. Use a rucksack and have wet weather gear. Leave some bits at work. My friend used to walk in casual clothes and change at work as she got a bit sweaty.

Believeitornot Mon 13-Feb-17 05:38:31

shock to the person who drives for a ten min walk.

I would walk it no question.

BoomBoomsCousin Mon 13-Feb-17 05:49:52

I used to walk 3 miles to catch a train everyday for work. It was two hours out of my day, and not the prettiest walk. But it was good exercise and set me up for the day and got me home relaxed.

olliegarchy99 Mon 13-Feb-17 05:52:51

do it - when I was very young (i.e. 5) I walked over a mile to school and back again.
When I was not quite so young I would walk the dog for a good 45 minutes twice a day and even at 70 I still do a good 25 minute walk with him morning and evening. It is what our legs were meant for. smile
The only time I would not work to anywhere for enjoyment is along a very busy road but it sounds as if your walk is a 'nice' walk.

FrancisCrawford Mon 13-Feb-17 05:56:00

Adding to the chorus of encouragement

we should all be doing 10k steps a day. This will be about 4.5k steps.

I do a similar walk to work and really enjoy it.

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Mon 13-Feb-17 06:11:44

Do it! Much nicer than public transport.

Mouse510 Mon 13-Feb-17 06:13:26

Do it and start now, don't wait for summer. There are so many benefits to walking. And I agree with pp, it will take less time than 53 mins. I would say between 30-40 mins.

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