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Longhaul with toddler - wwyd?

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Lingerfickinggood Sun 12-Feb-17 20:41:29

Planning a long haul trip with toddler DS (will be 18m at the time) and have some air miles to use - which has given us the option of either 2 bussiness class seats or 3 economy seats. Have only ever flown economy before, and up to now had DS on our lap. Now not sure whether the extra space with 3 seats (though not sure of that would mean we need to bring a car seat for him) or the 'lie flat' seats in business would suit him best. Flight duration approximately 10 hours.
Anyone out there flown long haul with a toddler - what would you advise?

Buzzardbird Sun 12-Feb-17 20:44:00

I cannot see why long haul with a toddler in economy is a problem. We did this several times with DD and her behaviour was always better than the surrounding adult passengers.

What is your concern?

Familyof3or4 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:45:25

Lie flat lie flat!

CazP2013 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:45:35

Haven't flown long haul with 18 month old but flew London-Bulgaria with one and that 3 hr flight was plenty long enough (and I have a child who would sit quietly and do stickers/read books etc). Its bloody uncomfortable for everyone concerned!

TooSmittle Sun 12-Feb-17 20:45:57

Is it just you and your toddler? Or are you debating whether or not your DC will need a seat of their own or not?

skippy67 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:46:48

I flew long haul with my son when he was 22 months. In economy. It was fine.

soundsystem Sun 12-Feb-17 20:46:55

Is it a night flight? If so, then being able to lie down with the toddler is lovely, so I'd go for business class. For a daytime flight, the extra seat would probably be more useful.

citybushisland Sun 12-Feb-17 20:46:58

He would still need to be on your lap for take off and landing, I would go for 3 seats on a long haul, having a toddler on your lap for long periods is exhausting. Thanks to DH's job I'm a veteran of 2 return long hauls a year (4 flights iyswim) with 3 children, having their own seat for the flight is a must! Speaking from experience, people in business class don't take well to toddlers being in there sad

HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 12-Feb-17 20:48:56

I'd go for the business class. Then you can lie flat and have the extra there and might encourage them to sleep.

GoesDownLikeACupOfColdSick Sun 12-Feb-17 20:49:11

We just did Barbados (so 8 hours) in business, DD was 16 months and the extra space meant it worked well. Plus the bonuses like extra bags, priority check in etc made it easier.

If it had been properly long haul, like aus or nz, think the extra seat would have been better

foxyloxy78 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:51:46

Long haul with a toddler in economy is fine. Have a lovely trip.

WhooooAmI24601 Sun 12-Feb-17 20:57:01

We flew long-haul twice when DS1 was a toddler and paid extra for first-class seats. He was on my lap for landing and take-off but with the extra leg room and space it was so easy. We did it again when DS2 was born but flew economy and it wasn't half so easy, purely because the space was so limited. It would make your trip easier with the lie-flat seats. DS1 spent most of his time on the flight to Mexico being cooed over and played with by the air stewards, the rest he spent sleeping next to me.

Peppapogstillonaloop Sun 12-Feb-17 20:59:16

Which airline and which destination? Some business class seats are bigger/better than others. Having done several with varying ages I would go for business in most cases, the seats are plenty big enough and if taking a night flight being able to lie down together is brilliant.:

LoupGarou Sun 12-Feb-17 21:00:38

Definitely the three seats in economy. We have flown long haul a lot ever since DS was a tiny baby (he's 3 now) and we've always bought him his own seat. I had to do a long haul flight when he was 23 months where because of flight cancellations he had to sit on my lap in business class - it was hell. Thirteen hours of hell, and I normally love flying.

Peppapogstillonaloop Sun 12-Feb-17 21:00:56

Oh and ignore the notion that it's not fair/other passengers won't like it. If you can afford business you can use it. Although have you checked you can use air miles with an infant on the booking? I know some airlines you can't

KatharinaRosalie Sun 12-Feb-17 21:01:14

business, no question. You can actually sleep there.

ittakes2 Sun 12-Feb-17 22:55:04

Travelled long haul economy numerous times with toddlers. Hard to get them to sleep - often need to get them to sleep on your lap. I would go two business class seats as you will be more comfortable. Also, you will get more assistance from air stewards in business clas.

tiredofhavingtothinkofnewnames Sun 12-Feb-17 22:58:01

2 seats in business- you will have masses more room than 3 in economy. You will fit an adult and a child to sleep lying down. You will get better food.

Depending on the airline you will get a shared space for 2 people. Which airline is it?

underneaththeash Sun 12-Feb-17 23:25:02

Take the business class.honestly

BananaInPyjama Sun 12-Feb-17 23:32:54

If you go on A380 business the seats are huge- 3 people can sit in one.

We flew business when my first was 26months, so had to have her own seat . My company paid so it was not a problem.
She sat in my seat with me the whole time. We slept next to each other and her toy had a seat to itself.

Biggest pain was I had to watch her choice of TV.

Business on A380 is the way to go

ExpatTrailingSpouse Sun 12-Feb-17 23:38:09

If it's lie flat, business for sure! I fly long haul with DS (now almost 4) all the time (current location back to uk is 9 or 10 hrs depending on direction). When he was a lap child I used miles to buy a business seat and paid his lap ticket, totally worth it as there was an empty seat next to us both directions. Have done upgrades to Asia (14hrs) as well. The lie flat seat basically becomes his play area. And there is enough room for both of us to lie down together (I often have to do that to get him to sleep even if I have my own seat). Or you can sit your DC at one end and sit at the other for awhile.

And yes, the staff will often be more helpful. They often agree to watch DS so I can go to bathroom. However, DS is an excellent traveller and is not one of those annoying screaming kids. If you know yours is, the staff may not be so friendly.

lalalalyra Sun 12-Feb-17 23:45:37

What airline?

A decent business seat with proper lie flat and loads of space is better than a cramped economy imo. If you buy him his own seat he'll either need to be on your lap for take off, landing and any turbulence or in his car seat - if he's in his car seat that means humphing the car seat through the airport and it'll mean no recline etc. you'll also have to make sure your car seat meets their spec.

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