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to want to deduct money from our au pair's allowance to cover more than our half of the cost of her ticket?

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Mumpbump Wed 28-Feb-07 10:21:16

Before we agreed to employ her, our au pair said she was available for 2 years and arrived at the end of October. I always thought realistically that she would go home after 12 months because that it turned out that that was how long her return ticket is valid for. Last night, she mentioned that her boyfriend has booked a ticket to go home with her so I asked her when he had booked it for. They have apparently booked flights at the start of July.

I'm annoyed because the only reason I found this out was because she let it slip. I feel that she hasn't been entirely honest with us. We paid for half of her flight because we thought she would be here for 2 years and dh has said we should just carry on deducting £10 from her allowance until she goes to recoup more than the 50% that we agreed to pay. Do you think that is unreasonable?

Whoooosh Wed 28-Feb-07 10:24:01

Did she sign a 2yr contract?
Does it mention the air fare in the contract?

Bugsy2 Wed 28-Feb-07 10:30:52

You don't have a contract with an au pair Whoooosh because they are not employees. They are part of your family, who help out in exchange for a room in your home & pocket money.
Mumpbump, I understand your frustration but unless you are paying above & beyond the normal au pair pocket money, I think deducting her original ticket fare will only engender a feeling of ill will. Better to make the most of her & have a positive atmosphere in the house.

Mumpbump Wed 28-Feb-07 10:34:49

We will recoup our share of the air fare in May and she will then be with us until the end of June so dh say we should just keep deducting the money for the last month or so. We wouldn't actually be deducting any greater amount of her share. I think it's the principle that's bugged him.

I must admit that I think it's a bit unfair myself to change the arrangement, but I do feel that she hasn't lived up to her side of the bargain. To date, she has said that she would go home for a bit and then come back, but I don't think I want her back if she is less than honest with us about something as important as this...

StrawberrySnowflakes Wed 28-Feb-07 10:38:26

i would deduct the total amount you have paid, she has not kept to her agreemtent as was sneaky about telling you when she was leaving

Bugsy2 Wed 28-Feb-07 10:46:20

But she is not an employee, she is part of your family helping you out for pocket money. There is no contractual obligation on either side. You give an indication of what you are looking for and they give an indication of what they may be able to do. It is an informal arrangement. If you want something more concrete, then you should employ a mother's help or a nanny.

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