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Aibu to start a washing up jenga war?

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Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 07:50:04

In getting so pissed off with being the only one to put away dry dishes in this house.

Yesterday morning I put away all the dishes from the drainer, cleaned the sink and washed up the breakfast dishes. Dp washed up lunch and tea and just piled the dishes on top of the breakfast ones. I tried to get a mug from there last night and it created an avalanche.

I've had enough and have decided I'm not putting dry dishes away either. I'm going to see how long it is before he cracks and does it himself. I've just washed up breakfast and piled them on top of all the ones from yesterday.

Also he leaves things to soak until me the washing up fairy cracks and washes them. Currently there is a grill pan from Thursday and an oven tray and saucepan from last night soaking.

Sorry I know its very trivial but it drives me mad.

BumpGoesBumpety Sat 11-Feb-17 07:53:52

I say go for it - but take regular photos so we can track progress.

IntoTheDeep Sat 11-Feb-17 07:54:31

I think I'd be too worried about them all falling off and breaking for this kind of jenga war.

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 07:55:54

Thankfully there's a laundry basket in front so if it falls off it will have a soft landing.

Dons1975 Sat 11-Feb-17 08:10:13

Go for it but be prepared for a
Long wait!! We have the exact same issue here dh even takes clean stuff out the cupboard instead of off the drainer!!! He also doesn't believe in putting stuff away as apparently he needs it! I'm fighting a losing battle .

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 08:23:18

I'm prepared for a long wait I just hope I don't cave in. I caved in over the slow cooker dish after it had been soaking for a week and looked disturbing.

BeverlyGoldberg Sat 11-Feb-17 08:28:30

That pretty red bowl will be the first casualty!

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 08:50:43

Yes I fear it might be.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sat 11-Feb-17 08:51:49

Move all the existing pile on to the kitchen table

wowfudge Sat 11-Feb-17 08:53:02

Buy a dishwasher!

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 08:57:14

I would love a dishwasher but have a teeny tiny kitchen with no room for one. If I put it on the table Dd would pull it all off.

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 09:23:52

Exciting update. He has moved the red bowl to eat cereal out of.

Xocaraic Sat 11-Feb-17 09:31:28

Had similar issue. Advised DH that if he set things to drain/dry and did not put them away (it's all part of the process right? It's not an a la carte for domestic chores) that I would move them to 'his' TV watching spot on the couch (on a tray)Did this twice, angry DH and lovely clean draining board and tidy (ish) kitchen.Yes, passive aggressive but he was warned.
Watching this thread with interest.

KathArtic Sat 11-Feb-17 09:52:02

OP hide a stash of clean pots somewhere so you have a ready supply then leave everything else.

If you are the one who cooks then don't feed him. Just dish up yours (and DCs) & when complains say you couldn't find a plate for him.

Derlei Sat 11-Feb-17 09:59:02

Same in our house, yanbu.

My DH likes to take the pots off the rack but just lines them up on the breakfast bar assuming they will walk to the cupboards themselves. He claims he doesn't know where they all go and doesn't want to put them in the wrong place. Give me strength!

He also likes "soaking" trays, even if they require the smallest amount of elbow grease to clean, his new soaking favourites is the cutlery from dinner, which he stands up in a fairy-filled mug!!

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 10:22:37

Argh you just reminded me when he does put stuff away he leaves all the things that go in one cupboard on the worktop. Its one of two with a working child lock on so he can't be arsed to open it. I can hear water running downstairs so I'm wondering if he's washing up the dishes that were soaking.

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 10:25:52

Also annoying is when he bathes Dd he just leaves the bath water in with her toys still in, leaves her nappy and clothes where he takes them off, towel on the bed and cup of half drunk milk wherever. He stopped leaving the toys in after they went all mouldy when I refused to clean up after him and left them there.

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 10:29:53

Oh my actual days. He's only cleared the drainer and washed up all the stuff that was soaking! He must have seen this post.

ClopySow Sat 11-Feb-17 10:32:06

You know when you get really invested in a thread? I'm there.

I'm the only adult in this house so the only dish washer. I am guilty of only putting stuff away when i'm washing the next load. I am also guilty of leaving the dishes to build up for ages so one load looks like washing up jenga. Lastly, may i confess to leaving things to soak for a rediculous length of time.

I'm quite excited to see the outcome of your dish war.

I need to get a life.

ClopySow Sat 11-Feb-17 10:32:35

You've won the first battle.

Washingjenga Sat 11-Feb-17 10:41:42

This war was short lived.

Cornettoninja Sat 11-Feb-17 10:41:51

You won! /faints

I can't bring myself to play this game with actual filth anymore but am currently restating myself from tidying his crap out of the bathroom.

We're up to six empty shower gel bottles. Six.

Cornettoninja Sat 11-Feb-17 10:42:31


ShowMePotatoSalad Sat 11-Feb-17 10:43:37

If OP bought a dishwasher then DP wouldn't empty that either - same war, different method of washing!

Maybe I'll go on cooking strike for a bit....

ClopySow Sat 11-Feb-17 10:48:40

I stopped tidying my ex's stuff out of the bedroom. I'd take my empty cup/glass/rubbish/magazines/whatever down with me every morning. He had coke bottles, orange juice cartons, newspapers, crisp packets. He went fucking mental at me after a week for tidying my stuff but not his. Every day he stood on the piles of shit next to his bed, but thought it was my job to pick it up.

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