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To adore manchester

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Roygrace Sat 11-Feb-17 07:15:18

Aibu unreasonable to love Manchester and feel more settled here than my home country.

Moved here 20 years ago after coming from home country. So lived here longer than I lived there. I love the people, the accent and just feel so settled. Isn't it funny where you settle and begin to adore. I only came for 6 months. North west always gets a bad press on here!

barefoofdoctor Sat 11-Feb-17 07:25:12

No, YANBU. I live in the countryside surrounding Manchester and love the place too (also love being able to escape the hustle and bustle at the end of the day!).

elodie2000 Sat 11-Feb-17 07:28:25

Depends WHERE in Manchester!
I have lived here for 20 + years and there are two sides to it!

DonaldStott Sat 11-Feb-17 07:31:31

Yadnbu. I don't live in Manchester, but it is only a train ride away. So much to do. We go the theatre a lot there. So many bars and restaurants. Friendly vibe.

In fact I love the NW and you couldn't pay me to live elsewhere in the country.

RapidlyOscillating Sat 11-Feb-17 07:31:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InMySpareTime Sat 11-Feb-17 07:35:26

YANBU at all, I also love Manchester.
I spent my formative years in that London, knowing little of the lands beyond.
Moved up here for University and haven't looked back.
There's so much to see and do that I haven't covered half of it, and I love being within 30 minutes of either countryside or the city.

Notso Sat 11-Feb-17 07:36:27

Me too. I'd love to live there.

PleasantPhesant Sat 11-Feb-17 07:45:22

Depends where in Manchester.

insancerre Sat 11-Feb-17 07:50:02

I love the centre bit with the shops, bars and restaurants

RaskolnikovsGarret Sat 11-Feb-17 08:04:38

It's great. Grew up there as did DH. We moved to London and have several times considered moving back up. Only thing that's stopped us is the rain. We don't think we could cope with it. Otherwise it's fab.

Shantotto Sat 11-Feb-17 08:15:08

Yes yes I love it! I'm in a super gentrified and absolutely lovely part of London at the moment but we can't afford and my 18months off with DS has eaten into our savings far too much then we realised.

We're moving as soon as we can get a job sorted. I love the city centre and I love South Manchester. So many of our friends have moved out to boring commuter towns but we'd rather move properly away to another big city.

voldemortsnose Sat 11-Feb-17 08:18:59

Lovely to see this. Grew up there, left, came back and left again expecting to go back. Haven't because of life etc, but still feel pangs.

Mulberry72 Sat 11-Feb-17 08:20:53


I'm Manchester born and bred and love my city!

londonfeather Sat 11-Feb-17 08:22:40

Manchester is great, went to uni there and one of the only places outside London I'd ever consider moving. Love it! Shame about all the rain though!

StarsAndStripes17 Sat 11-Feb-17 08:24:58

I love it in Manchester too. I live in a town close by so visit Manchester quite regularly.
I love living in the NorthWest and wouldn't want to move anywhere else.

HandsomeDevil Sat 11-Feb-17 08:26:27

As a city I think it's genuinely welcoming to incomers
Of which I am one.

SleepingBooty Sat 11-Feb-17 08:26:48

I love living in the North West having grown up in the Midlands. I don't really like cities but Manchester is my exception.

CaoNiMa Sat 11-Feb-17 08:35:37

Glad to see the NW getting some good press!

I'm in Liverpool and I bloody love it. Need to head over to Manchester soon for a visit.

Rachel0Greep Sat 11-Feb-17 08:45:59

Only got to visit there once and loved the place.

Sillysausage123 Sat 11-Feb-17 08:52:04

This is a cliche but it's true people in Manchester will talk to anyone and make small talk at bus stops.

I visited London and it was a shock using public transport where it was pushing and shoving to get yourself on first with no help for buggies or giving your seat up for the elderly.
You would not get away with this in Manchester! Even the stereotyped 'chavs' or rough people that everyone avoids help buggies on buses or give up their seats for people.
I was actually blanked when I asked someone if a bus had just gone in London. People just don't want to know or acknowledge anyone. This is why I love manchester

BumWad Sat 11-Feb-17 08:53:54

I have this conversation with my friends all the time and they all agree!
I am in the north west - another large city and love Manchester! So much to do, friendly northerners, good food. It's just great smile

leccybill Sat 11-Feb-17 08:57:44

This is a cliche but it's true people in Manchester will talk to anyone and make small talk at bus stops.

To be honest, I've found this to be much less true than in Liverpool.

I quite like Manchester. I like it's diversity and style and industrial heritage. But it's no Liverpool with its iconic buildings and waterfront.

Sillysausage123 Sat 11-Feb-17 08:57:51

Forgot to add yes it rains a lot but we all love to moan about the weather to everyone

SallyGinnamon Sat 11-Feb-17 09:04:15

I love it too.

We have everything Manchester has to offer and we're only an hour or so from Liverpool or Leeds in the car so there are loads of things to do with DC.

Used to take that to cross London when we used to live there.

elodie2000 Sat 11-Feb-17 09:04:30

Silly I go down to London frequently and find people as willing to help as anywhere else. I have been known to ask random people which tube/ which bus to get, how to get to xyz and have always been helped!
The trick is to ask the question directly - no 'excuse me, can I....' - if you do that, people think you're a chugger.
As for not chatting to random stranger on the tube, people are getting from A-B fast pace and are often travelling to work or going to work. Same in Manchester on trans/ trains. Most people can't be bothered with chat when they are in 'work mode'.

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