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To go to this interview?

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schuylersister Fri 10-Feb-17 20:36:26

Hi! Longtime lurker, first time poster...please be gentle grin (I'm going to try not to dripfeed, but also being careful as this could potentially be outing.)

I've been in my current (entry-level) role for over a year now - it's a hard industry to break into so I couldn't be too picky when I took my first role, so I'm in an area I don't have a real interest in. I've been applying for other roles in my preferred area for a while now.

I've just accepted an internal job in the same general area of the business - I was approached and offered it, and accepted mostly because they offered more money. It's not something I would have applied for myself, as I really do want to transition to another area. However, I really needed the pay rise and I couldn't get that in my current role.

The new team I'm joining have been really enthusiastic and welcoming, but I'm not moving over for about six weeks. of the jobs I applied for in my preferred area - a rare, brilliant, Dream Job type of job - has just offered me an interview.

My gut instinct is to be honest, tell them I've accepted another role and I can't do the interview. The team I'm due to join is great, they've been looking for someone for ages and I would feel absolutely dreadful about letting them down in such an awful way if I did (by some miracle!) get offered Dream Job. Plus I don't like to go back on my word, it gives me an awful sick feeling and I'd feel horribly guilty. PLUS, I'd (rightly) look so unreliable and flaky if I did back out when I've verbally agreed to take the job - as it's an internal role, this could hurt me. I'd look pretty damn flaky if it even got out that I'd gone to the interview - it's a big company so maybe it wouldn't, but I feel like unless I specifically asked them not to, either the interviewer or the HR department would contact my manager about a reference.

But. I haven't signed my new contract yet. This other job is a really rare opportunity, both in terms of the job itself (they don't come up very often!) and getting invited for an interview (very in demand, easily hundreds of applications every time). It's my Dream Job.

AIBU to go to the interview?

OwlinaTree Fri 10-Feb-17 20:38:01

Go to the interview. Good luck getting your dream job.

19lottie82 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:38:08

Go to the interview. You've got to look out for number one on these situations! And besides going for an interview doesn't even mean you're going to take it (if you get it).

WasWildatHeart Fri 10-Feb-17 20:40:04

Go, go ,go! If you don't you'll always be wondering. If you get it just apologise profusely. Good luck!

Resurgam2016 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:40:08

Go to the interview.
Take it as far as you can until you need to make a decision.
Then make the decision on what is best for you in the long term.
You'll kick yourself if you don't.

Feelthesame2 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:40:58

I would be honest and thank them for the opportunity and say that although you would've enjoyed working with them, but you've been offered the job of a lifetime and you can't turn it down.

edwinbear Fri 10-Feb-17 20:41:15

Go to the intereview. As it's all internal be honest and up front with everyone that you are going.

Watto1 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:41:36

Go. You can always turn it down if you get it.

Feelthesame2 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:42:16

Oops. Shouldn't be a "but" in there, I really must proof read.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 10-Feb-17 20:42:19

Oooh tricky. I can see your concern.

I think I would do the interview. Are they both internal roles? If so can you speak to HR and tell them you're still excited about the role you've been accepted for but another that you're really interested in has come up and can you wait until you hear back?

jelliebelly Fri 10-Feb-17 20:44:41

Definitely go to the interview

schuylersister Fri 10-Feb-17 20:45:02

Wow, thank you all for such quick & lovely responses!

Felicia - they are both internal roles, sorry I didn't make that very clear - I was considering talking to HR, I like your idea of what to say!

bunnylove99 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:47:14

Go to the interview and good luck with it. I don't think the world will come crashing down if you get dream job and have to drop the other one. They will just have the slight inconvenience of finding someone else to fill it. These things happen all the time.

foxyloxy78 Fri 10-Feb-17 20:48:55

Go to the interview. You make your own luck and as you say, this is your dream job. Job applications are confidential. The interviewer will not contact your manager for a reference until you've verbally accepted the position. If they do want to contact your current employer prior to making a decision, they need your consent.
Go for the job and don't feel bad. The way I see it is that you have to look after yourself. Companies very rarely do so.
Good luck. X

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