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to have a sickie day

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TheoriginalLEM Fri 10-Feb-17 06:43:19

i AM sick. Nasty sinusy cold that has done the rounds. was off yesterday but that was my official day off. Wednesday started ok but by the end of the day i was struggling.

I feel pretty shitty but i suppose i could drag myself in if absolutely necessary. Staffwise they should be ok as there are two of my equivalents in. So the impact will be minimal the lazy fuckers who treat friday a bit like a loaf while i take up the slack might have to actually do some work for a change

i don't know what to do. job is physically demanding and snotting and snivelling all day is not great. Im sore all over (paracetamol will help) but so congested and fuzzy headed. Tend to feel worse as the day goes on.

Other staff members have been off with this. I have had one day off sick since i started FT in june. Got a rep for toughing things out.


Sandsnake Fri 10-Feb-17 06:44:53

Sounds like you're sick enough to be off to me. Get well soon!

FennecFoxMummy Fri 10-Feb-17 06:45:31

Yanbu. Take the day off. Put your feet up and get well soon flowers

Creampastry Fri 10-Feb-17 06:50:39

Get those pyjamas back on!!!

SaorAlbaGuBrath Fri 10-Feb-17 06:51:57

Sounds to me like you're definitely sick enough to call off work. Take the day to relax and recuperate and hopefully you'll feel better soon flowers

TheoriginalLEM Fri 10-Feb-17 06:53:56

But it's just a cold really. Its not flu although DP went into full manflu mode and dd agreed to stay home from school and she normally wants to go.

I just don't want folk to think im flakey.

WaitrosePigeon Fri 10-Feb-17 06:55:30

If you have doubts then go in. Only thing that concerns me is you said the job is physically demanding.

SaorAlbaGuBrath Fri 10-Feb-17 06:55:53

OP I've had a head cold for a week and I feel like absolute shit. I'm a SAHM with nobody to watch the little ones so I've not had a choice, but honestly, if I could have I'd have taken to my bed for a day to sort myself out. And I NEVER lie down to being ill, but this cold is brutal sad last time I took to bed ill I had swine flu, but this is really knocking me sideways. You're not flaky, you're sick.

Imbroglio Fri 10-Feb-17 06:58:05

Keep your germs to yourself! You'll only come in next week to find everyone else has gone sick and you'll be struggling along on your own.

Megatherium Fri 10-Feb-17 07:07:17

If other people have been off with the same thing, why would anyone think you're flaky?

Magzmarsh Fri 10-Feb-17 07:26:49

Hmmm I always think if I could have gone in I should have gone in.

When you're really ill and incapable of attending work you wouldn't need the opinions of random individuals to decide for you.

Go into work, you've been there less than a year, save sick days for when you're truly ill and need to stay off.

VittysCardigan Fri 10-Feb-17 07:32:08

Stay home, no one will thank you for passing on your germs

wingingitmomma Fri 10-Feb-17 07:35:49

Defiantly have a sick day! Infact have 2 it can only count as one instance if you don't go back in and who likes Mondays anyway?

Lilaclily Fri 10-Feb-17 07:37:19

Agree with magz, you'll feel guilty if you don't go , if you do you'll enjoy the weekend more

Lilaclily Fri 10-Feb-17 07:37:34

Well that's how I always feel at any rate

Magzmarsh Fri 10-Feb-17 07:43:38

Agree lily. Whenever I've taken sick leave for feeling a little bit shit I've ended up fretting about how I should have gone in and nine times out of ten I get genuinely ill 2 weeks later and feel terrible about being off again 😊

Blueroses99 Fri 10-Feb-17 07:45:03

Don't go to work. It's selfish. DH's colleague came in coughing and spluttering in December, DH caught it mildly but I got it really bad, I'm pregnant and it ruined Christmas.

christinarossetti Fri 10-Feb-17 07:46:02

I don't think you're meant to 'save' sick days, but rather take them when you are sick.

Take the day off sick OP and recover properly.

dalmatianmad Fri 10-Feb-17 07:51:16

Paracetamol, pyjamas and bed!
Stuff them, let them manage without you.
Nobody thinks any better of you for going in when you're poorly, I learned that years ago.
Hope you feel better soon flowers

SavageBeauty73 Fri 10-Feb-17 07:53:23

I've got the worst head cold I've ever had with a dry cough. I've rung in sick. There's no way I can do an hour commute then work.

TheProblemOfSusan Fri 10-Feb-17 07:54:13

Stay in bed and recover. If you go in when you're clearly ill (aching ask over!) you'll make your recovery time much longer makes no one else wants your cold.

I hope you feel better soon.

calzone Fri 10-Feb-17 07:57:26

I have the exact same thing as you and I've rung in sick.

Catzpyjamas Fri 10-Feb-17 07:59:42

Please stay off! My colleague (only in our place of work once a month) dragged herself in with a horrible cold as she didn't want to let us down.
Two more of us got sick. I've now been ill for 2 weeks and ended up with a chest infection.

I'd far rather have struggled through one work day with a colleague short.

Euripidesralph Fri 10-Feb-17 08:05:03

If it helps I manage a large team and I'd rather on your situation my team members stay home, toughing it out in some circumstances is fine but to be honest when someone really is ill like you are it's false economy to come in....I'd personally rather hey take the one day than risk making themselves worse and being off for longer

I've a lovely member of staff who toughsaid it out but I've sent her home several times because although she was in she wasnth really up to working and needed the rest

Sick days are not just there for you they are there to protect the long term integrity of the staff team

Stay off get some rest and feel better

EdmundCleverClogs Fri 10-Feb-17 08:09:19

Stay off! I've just recovered from a cold, it was nasty. If I was working, I'd have called in sick (and I'm usually a person who goes in even if a limb is hanging off).

On a side note, a colleague once came in with a cold and passed it on to me. They recovered in three days - I ended up with pleurisy and a month's bed rest. You never know how your germs can affect another.

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