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Aibu to expect a cooker point?

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Noodoodle Thu 09-Feb-17 12:24:04

I'm quite annoyed about this, thoughts please, justified or do I need to get a grip and forget it?
HA property, had an under counter oven when we moved in which was tested and left there for us. We asked for this and accepted responsibility/not knowing how old it was, etc. It broke down an month or so later and we got a new one ourselves. Recently all our lower electrics tripped, found the problem was the oven element. Bought one fitted, works fine (thankfully willing/able to do so). In between it breaking and finding the problem I wondered about just replacing it instead (for double oven as current is single) but found we couldn't as companies ( for instance) won't fit without a cooker point, the Orange switch thing, which we don't have. Which is why lower electrics all tripped as on same circuit.

So I called HA and explained, they said yes they'll fit one. Electrician comes (I'm at work, dh at home) and says cooker is low wattage/voltage and doesn't need cooker point, it only tripped because of the element. Then he left.

I think if I want to change my oven for whatever reason, broken or just bloody feel like it, I should be able to, and shouldn't need to worry about other things tripping because it doesn't have a cooker point! Working in housing I know that these things should be updated and we do them on a basis of when a problem comes up (such as this) as you can't go round in masses making changes all at once every time there is a regulation change, but should the electrician be the one making this decision? I've emailed housing officer to complain/ask about, awaiting reply but if he says no, do I leave it?

OddJobMan Thu 09-Feb-17 12:41:57

But a single over does not need a cooker point it can be wired in with a single plug as its under the total KW needed for higher gauge wire / fused spur.

Surely that's all they need to supply.. If you want to upgrade the oven to a double that under current regs would require additional wiring so the cables can handle the KW (basically hard cabled back to the consumer unit) then why should they facilitate that for you?

If i wanted to switch my over from a single to a double I would have to pay an electrician to run the cable from the Spur to the oven..

Or am i missing something.

SEsofty Thu 09-Feb-17 12:49:23

Agree with odd-job.

If you want a double oven then you pay to upgrade the electrics as necessary.

Or is the ha saying that you are not allowed to change the oven. Which as your landlord is completely within their rights

Noodoodle Thu 09-Feb-17 13:50:52

OddJobMan, SEsoftly,

I see where you're coming from. I think what's bugged me about it is here (work, council), when a property is vacant cooker points are put in (if not existing) as standard as you do not know what type of appliance the new occupier will have so need to cover all bases. We haven't been there that long but this wasn't done. All void work was finished by the time we said we would use the oven (we had a lovely newish freestanding one but they couldn't modify the worktop space for us to keep it) so obviously they weren't doing that.

I wasn't sure if I would actually be allowed to put in my own cooker point tbf, I wouldn't be totally against that and there are alterations I would expect to do myself (and have done) but this just didn't strike me as being one of them.

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