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Brexit & Scotland / Northern Ireland

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SingingInTheRainstorm Thu 09-Feb-17 01:05:37

Just catching up on a few news trends, I saw that Westminster voted against protecting the Good Friday Agreement. I can't find anything to back up why they would make this choice, hopefully more news will filter through in the next day or so. I just hope that the ruling doesn't ignite tensions, when they're already dealing with a new election and a few other things.

My thoughts are, Scotland from what I gather, or the SNP are hoping for independence. Do you think Westminster is thinking of a United Ireland? I know those who consider themselves WASPs won't be pleased, easier to say this than outline particular parties.

Are you a Scottish / Northern Irish person who would support independence?

Would it be feasible for the islands off Scotland to seek independence or seek to be self sufficient.

If Scotland got independence, if you voted remain and live in England/Wales, would you consider moving up to Scotland/Ireland? Or are you happy to say this is a democracy, let's hope that the people in charge know what they're doing.

I'm all for finding a nice rural village in Scotland. Any MN'ers fancy moving too? (Hypothetical of course as its not that simple!)

NarkyMcDinkyChops Thu 09-Feb-17 01:43:02

Westminster can think of a United Ireland all it likes, no way is Ireland thinking of taking on that expensive territory now!

The DUP, the Ulster Unionists and Ukip supported the Conservatives in voting against the amendment. These are not the people who would be thinking of a united Ireland anyway.

SingingInTheRainstorm Thu 09-Feb-17 01:59:20

TM was in Dublin to meet EK last week, that's why I was wondering whether it would be feasible. I know the DUP hate the GFA and having to share their toys. Maybe GA will have something to say on it all. Although we know his rhetoric and the rhetoric of SF is for a United Ireland at some point.

I know the last poll, people in Ireland went no, no, no. I was also thinking about how much the government pays NI so they'd save a fortune, but like you said, it would then be for the Irish Government to fund, which admittedly there'd be reluctance, as there's so much in Ireland that needs sorting, let alone getting those counties back.

It was more a thought than anything else as its trending. So first thoughts were impact on the peace process, impact of dual governing etc.

joangray38 Thu 09-Feb-17 02:16:20

I think Gibraltar will definitely leave 90% voted in , many travel to Spain everyday to work - I should imager they are pretty pissed off to keep being being ignored in the debate , almost as though they don't belong !

SingingInTheRainstorm Thu 09-Feb-17 02:25:02

I know there's been a few threads about Brexit, but from today, it honestly looks like little thought has gone into some big issues. If they're this disorganised with large issues, then how will they be with the finer details.

I certainly don't want to be twinned with the US over the EU. That's what it looks like with all this fuss over DT, the visit to the US, the visit here. He isn't going to do anything where his administration and country don't come out on top. To me that's pretty obvious.

Are Spain not willing to do a similar deal I think Ireland are doing, where the borders remain as they are with free travel rights. If I remember correctly Gibraltar has a passport control but you have to pass through, but then with interest rate differences the finances of a family could be impacted.

It's almost like we're the person that had a tantrum during PE, saying my rules or we don't play, but we expect generous trade deals just because we're GB.

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