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Aibu to take the day off for...

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Poorlypotato Thu 09-Feb-17 00:22:52

...a cold??

I feel like utter shit. Completely blocked up, headache etc. The thought of sitting at a computer all day tomorrow feels me with dread. I just want to spend the day in bed and sleep it off.
But it is just a stonking cold so sounds pathetic to ring in sick for?

AlmostAJillSandwich Thu 09-Feb-17 00:25:41

Colds can vary from mild to severe, it's not a silly reason to take a day off ill at all.
Staring at a computer screen all day with a headache and that odd physically heavy feeling head but whilst being lightheaded is not going to be fun. Take the day, take regular doses of medicine, get a good sleep and i hope you feel better soon flowers

pipsqueak25 Thu 09-Feb-17 00:26:01

if you feel that bad with it, then take the day off, but see how you are in the morning first.

SapphireSeptember Thu 09-Feb-17 00:36:53

I'm off sick at the moment, with a cold. So yes, I'd phone in sick! I'm currently sitting in a cool room sweating like a pig. I work in a café, and I'm pretty sure the customers wouldn't appreciate me coughing every five seconds. envy

babynugget Thu 09-Feb-17 00:39:03

It sounds like it could be sinusitis which had me rendered completely incapable for several days last year. Felt like a total wuss for not going to work but I simply could not have sat in front of a computer screen let alone been productive in anyway.

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