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Aibu to be really hacked off with my dh?

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flupi Wed 08-Feb-17 22:12:34

Dh doesn't like me doing things with friends but also won't do anything with me. He shows it by sulking or making comments like 'you're busy all weekend' when it's only a couple of hours that I'll be busy. I try to do things with him but he's so weather driven. If it's sunny he's in a good mood but if not he's moody. I just think we live in England- get over it. Grow up. I'm particularly upset right now because we were planning a short break next week and he says he doesn't want to go now. No reason given. I'm just at a loss. My 3rd and youngest ds will be going to university in September and I'm worried about being just the 2 of us. Sorry - too many threads in one I think.

EZA15 Wed 08-Feb-17 23:15:18

My DH is a bit like this (although not weather driven- I think it's a disorder isn't it? SAD - Seasonal something disorder if you google it it will have more information) can you not just book it, tell him you've booked it and you'll either go with him or a friend? I've recently stopped putting up with it and he's realised (well half the time any way) that he's got to stop being such a prat

MsVestibule Wed 08-Feb-17 23:49:01

Have you tried a chat along the lines of 'so, you don't like me doing things with friends, but you don't want to do anything with me, either. Do you think I should just stay at home all the time?' If so, what was his reaction?

How long have you been married? When did this start?

pipsqueak25 Thu 09-Feb-17 00:16:38

s.a.d.[seasonal affective disorder can be very hard going but he sounds like hard work even so, why does he think you should be limited to only doing stuff together ? sounds rather restrictive.

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