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To ask what the solution is?

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PlayOnWurtz Wed 08-Feb-17 18:22:03

And not just political party bashing! How do you fix the lack of money in adult social care, the NHS being at breaking point and a huge lack of housing?

Is it time for radical thinking? There is no money. The left shouting for more money to be plucked from thin air, the right pinching for austerity, neither works.

Should people without liquid assets but with property assets be made to sell up?

Should we bring in community living schemes (I don't want to say workhouses but something where people get a one stop shop of support)?

Should we pull the plug and wipe all public sector posts clear and start again? Strip them back to bare bones and rebuild it?

I'm just throwing things out there but what is the answer? Slanging matches are not helpful!

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